You. Me.

OK, so I go first. I may not know many things, but I can do so much: put a smile on your face. I can instill enthusiasm in people and give their work and life a drop of inspiration and creativity.

I have a passion for healthy living, so this blog is about how to live a little longer and a bit better, how to transcend your limits and tap into your potential. I love cooking, so I will be featuring a lot of recipes as well. However, I am not a professional cook and my meals are a work in progress – so are my photography skills. I have been practising yoga for some time and have recently become interested in meditation-  I might write about how that is going. I am still figuring out who I am and what my purpose here is, so you will probably read a lot of my musings on that. I laugh a lot, sing and write, run, love and have larger-than-life dreams.

Now, it’s your turn. 🙂

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