What to do when you’re feeling great

February 8, 2017 § 4 Comments

The answer to this question may be obvious: enjoy it (while it lasts). Right? Most of us spend our lives feeling down, so when we finally get a sunshine moment, we just want to soak it up.

And soak it up we should. But I have an even better idea! Why not use the amazing energy that often comes with feeling good to push ourselves further in the direction of our goals? What if we would ride that amazing wave of endorphins to help us glide over stuff that seemed insurmountable?

Creating momentum from happy moments

When you’re (finally!) in your groove, you know it. The world around you makes sense again, you have a positive outlook on the future and you think you will be able to overcome obstacles. You’re walking around with a big smile on your face… you know, just to let the world know how awesome you’re feeling! 🙂

But what if you immediately tapped into that beautiful energy to do all those things you’ve been pushing away, dreading, postponing? You know, like finally starting to write your dissertation. Or making that doctor appointment. Or running your 10k, although outside it’s raining. Or having that difficult conversation with someone in your family. Or something as simple as cutting your veggies and fruit and prepping your food for the next day.

Whatever it is, do it now! Planets are aligned, you feel capable, you have enough fuel in your tank, so just go for it! Leveraging this good mood will give you a huge boost and help you advance in the direction you’ve been aiming for. Picture this: a car that’s super loaded with junk and running on little fuel, trying to go up the hill. And then behind it, an empty, squeaky clean car running with a full tank, breezing by, almost flying. That car is you, in this moment. And the first car is probably your normal self. 🙂

When you’re in a good mood, you make better choices

One of the reasons why we make better choices when we’re in a good mood is because our self-esteem is high. We see ourselves as more resourceful and capable. So this is a key moment to make bold decisions and answer big questions. The only trick, like I already said above, is to seize the moment!

So next time you find yourself feeling awesome, make sure you actively use every bit of that energy to move yourself closer to your dreams.

§ 4 Responses to What to do when you’re feeling great

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