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June 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

Care astazi implineste nici mai mult, nici mai putin de 30 de ani! O nimica toata, tinere, mai vorbim la 90! 🙂

Un mic cadou: words of wisdom de la noua mea prietena, Gretchen Rubin. In lumina ultimelor intamplari, mi-a placut mai ales ‘The things that go wrong often make the best memories’.

Pai da. :))

8 Excellent Tips for Living My Parents Gave Me
My parents never gave me relationship advice or weighed in on my boyfriends (true, I only had two real boyfriends, one of whom I married, but I’m sure it was hard to resist nevertheless).
However, once when I was home for vacation, both of my parents remarked on the requirements of a happy relationship. Maybe they’d had a conversation between themselves, which was why it was on their minds. Anyway, it was so unusual for them to make this kind of remark that both statements made a big impression on me:
My mother said: “In a relationship, it’s important that a person is kind, because eventually, if he’s not kind to other people, he won’t be kind to you.”
My father said: “In a relationship, it’s important that a person be able to have fun, because you’re not going to have a happy life with someone who can’t have fun.”
I’ve thought hard about those two excellent pieces of advice on relationships. Also, here are 8 more tips, from some of the most meaningful advice they’ve given me:

4 Tips from my Mother

1. Stay calm.”
My mother probably reminds of this three or four times each time I see her. I really need this advice. Every day.
2. “The things that go wrong often make the best memories.”
My mother told me this when we were getting ready for my wedding. It’s a very good thing to keep in mind, because it’s absolutely true, and it can also help you laugh at a bad situation while it’s happening.
3. “Gretchen, you like to have a few things that you really like, instead of lots of choices.”
Okay, this advice might not be widely applicable, but it was a huge revelation to me about my own nature. My mother made this comment in the context of clothes, but it’s true in many areas of my life.
4. “That’s so wonderful! Be grateful, because you worked hard for what you got, and you deserved it, but others also worked hard, and people don’t always get what they deserve.”
My mother made this observation when I called home to report that I’d been elected the editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal. I repeated her remark to a friend, who thought it sounded like a little unenthusiastic, but in fact, it was reassuring, especially in the long run. Because it’s TRUE. You don’t always get what you deserve, even when you work hard, and my mother’s observation has been very comforting to me in other circumstances, when things didn’t go my way.

4 Tips from my Father

1. “If you’re willing to take the blame, people will give you the responsibility.”
This was perhaps the best advice for the workplace I ever got.
2. Energy.”
My father always reminds us of the importance of energy, in so many contexts — for instance, it’s more interesting to listen to a speaker who exhibits lots of energy; it’s easier to work for a boss and with co-workers who have lots of energy; it’s easier to tackle my to-do lists and keep my good habits when I have lots of energy.
In fact, the first chapter of The Happiness Project is devoted to energy. (Here are 9 tips for giving yourself an energy boost in the next ten minutes.)
3.Enjoy the process.”
If you can enjoy the process, you are less concerned about outcomes. That’s a big help in the world. Even if things don’t turn out the way we’d hoped, if we enjoy the process, we feel that the time and energy were well spent.
4. All you have to do is put on your running shoes and let the front door shut behind you.”
Good advice for all those who are trying to pick up an exercise habit. Just do that much! That counts!

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