Meals lately

April 21, 2016 § Leave a comment

I’m constantly experimenting with the foods I eat in an effort to gauge what nourishes my body and in what quantities. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately:


Breakfast has seen the return of porridge. I started with a few sliced strawberries and some hemp seeds.


Then added the really creamy porridge. This breakfast holds me over really well.


I remember last year I had a really crazy craving for eggs – I had eggs with practically everything. Then the craving went down. This year I’m trying to incorporate more eggs into my diet as I are really a superfood. I love it when I pair them with stronger tasting food, such as tapenade.


Or a more creamy assortment of avocado toast (cracker, actually) and mozzarella di buffala.


Porridge again, this time with the addition of cottage cheese for extra staying power. Was not particularly fond of the sweet-savoury taste. bk4

Lunches have been either salads of some sort or roasted veggies with some protein.

Salmon, broccoli, sweet potatoes.


Salad with a boiled egg. The dressing here was a tablespoon of hummus – really delicious!


Another salad with all the trimmings – can you tell I love mozzarella?


And finally… some dessert. While I don’t have a particularly strong sweet tooth, I do enjoy baking from time to time. These were blueberry muffins. I plan to experiment some more with muffins using the coconut flour I recently purchased. Will keep you updated on how that goes! 🙂


What have you been enjoying lately?


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