Verbier week-end in review

April 4, 2016 § Leave a comment

Last weekend officially marked the end of this ski season for us. We celebrated in style with two days in Verbier.

[I have a complicated relationship with skiing. Initially I hated it, and was not able to comprehend why people would enjoy a sport where mere walking is a pain. The ski attire looked bulky and complicated to me and lugging your skis around… let’s just say at the end of the day I felt completely beat. Skiing with Elvin gave me confidence and I was able to conquer reds and even a black piste until… Two years ago I had an accident during an outing with the ski club. Fortunately I only twisted a ligament but that threw me in an all time low, especially since I was not allowed to do any exercise at all for about 5 months. That accident was also enough to throw me in the depths of panic whenever I put the ski shoes on. Since then I have not skied that much and whenever I am on a piste that I deem ‘dangerous’, I panic and freeze. I feel jealous when I see experienced skiers whizzing by, having the time of their lives while skiing effortlessly. Fortunately Elvin always stayed by my side to guide me and give me his best tips and techniques. I have not always been easy to him – mostly because I panic so much but he keeps encouraging me that practice makes perfect and one day things will click. Let’s hope so!]

We stayed at Hotel Le Giétroz, as not only was it affordable, but it was also very close to the slopes – Le Châble telecabin was a mere 5 minutes away, which was very convenient. Our room was very nice and clean; although it was facing the street there was not much noise and we were able to sleep carefree.


On the other hand, breakfast was quite poor and the hosts were not particularly welcoming. I also didn’t appreciate the fact that we were served expired yogurt – good thing I caught that in time, because skiing with an upset belly? Not fun! When we showed the expired yogurt to the lady there, she took it away and uttered ‘Desolee!’ as she went back to the kitchen. Quality of services at this hotel? Very low!


Skiing conditions were mostly ok, although it was cloudy and on Saturday the wind was brutal, making it very hard to ski downhill.

In the evening we went to Relais des Neiges, a lovely restaurant in Verbier. Elvin enjoyed a traditional rosti, while I went for the house salad. Very filling and wholesome! We also enjoyed an amazing tiramisu – this dessert was great, although I’m not a tiramisu aficionado by any means. Sadly, we didn’t take any pictures of the meal.

But on our way to the restaurant I did snap this picture of two guys doing… God knows what on a thread. The music was blasting, people were enjoying an après-ski, and we trudged our weary bodies back to the hotel where we slept safe and sound until Sunday morning when back we went to the pistes.


It was a great week-end but I won’t lie… I’m somehow happy that the ski season is over, because this can only mean one thing: hiking season is upon us! 🙂



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