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March 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

After a weird two weeks when I’ve had an incredible sweet tooth, I’m back on the bandwagon. I don’t know if it’s the spring outside but I have a surge of energy and an increasing appetite for healthy eats, including salads, soups and smoothies.

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately:


Greek yogurt, pear, a chickpea-raising mix and some peanut butter swirled in. This is a very delicious and filling brekkie!

green smoothie

Green smoothie – made with Greek yogurt, kale, kiwi and if I remember well, hemp seeds too. Water to thin it out.

tuna sweet p

Roasted sweet potato, canned tuna, onion on a bed of rocket. The dressing was olive oil and zaatar.

salata 1

Sautéed red pepper, onion, filet mignon, sprouts, avo and red beets on a bed of baby kale.

salad 3

Baked salmon and sweet potatoes, red beets and sprouts on a bed on baby kale. Can you tell I love veggies?

salata ski

Salad that Elvin and I enjoyed during a ski lunch at Avoriaz last Saturday. Bar Le Yeti makes these wonderful, huge salads.

banana bread pateuri branza

Banana bread and cheese pastries – lest you think I only feed myself salad and healthy stuff… 🙂

What are your favourite eats lately?



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