The bomb salad and a good week-end

February 22, 2016 § 1 Comment

Phew… this was one busy week-end. Among skiing, shopping, wedding planning (man, that can be exhausting!) and meeting with friends we managed to relax a little. Yesterday the weather was amazing: 14°C, blue skies and a gentle breeze. I could feel spring in the air!

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When we came back from France it was quite late and I was feeling exhausted. Good thing is I had started making the salad before we left (let’s say it one more time: planning is KEY!), so it only took about 10 minutes before we had dinner on the table.

In fact I loved this salad so much that I made it again for lunch today.


I call it ‘the bomb’ because this is an explosion of different tastes and textures in one bowl. Let’s see.. softness from the lettuce and avocado, crispness from the radicchios and red pepper, with the addition of roasted pumpkin seeds and bacon bits and chewiness from the halloumi cheese and olives.

Here’s how I made it:

  • All veggies were at room temperature (this is important). I cubed the radicchios and red peper, folder a bit of avocado in, washed and dried the lettuce.
  •  I added in the olives, then simply ripped the salad leaves with my fingers.
  • I heated up a pan and roasted the pumpkin seeds until they started to plump up. I immediately folded them in the bowl with the veggies. No oil is needed for this.
  • I used the same pan to warm up the halloumi and the bacon. The smell in the kitchen was amazing!
  • The vinegrette was a mixture of raspberry balsamico and a bit of Dijon mustard. No oil was needed since the pumpkin seeds, bacon and halloumi provide sufficient fat. I find that vinegrettes can make or break a salad, so it’s important to use good quality ingredients.
  • I mixed everything and dug in. This salad was so satiating and divine-tasting!

This was the perfect winter lunch. In the cold months I find I am unable to enjoy cold salads – the veggies are not so tasty and they leave me feeling quite unsatisfied. But this salad is half warm, half room temperature and it felt complete. Added bonus? You can start making it ahead of time – the cubed veggies, olives and roasted pumpkin seeds sit very well together in the fridge. Just make sure you add the vinegrette and the bacon and halloumi just before serving.

If you try it, let me know what you think. Also, what is your favourite salad?




§ One Response to The bomb salad and a good week-end

  • arakelian says:

    My favourite salad are (I have many):
    1. red beetroot with horseradish
    2. mix of pickles (the homemade are finished..)
    3. combination of carrots and celery and avocado and andive etc
    4. salade de beuf (or a la rousse)
    In fact, it is my favourite dish, I cook differently, every launch and every season is changing the content of the salad.

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