Why I love working from home

December 5, 2015 § 6 Comments

In my opinion working from home is the future for most businesses. In my job I am lucky to be able to work in multiple offices, at the client’s site, or in an airport or café or… from home. I don’t think I could work solely from home or be tied to the same office desk every single day, as I need quite a bit of variety to feel challenged. But give me a laptop and a good internet connection and I’m a happy camper. If I also have a good coffee I can almost guarantee my work day will be extremely productive.

Without further ado, here are the reasons why I think working from home can be extremely beneficial and why employers may consider this scheme:

  1. It’s a serious time-saver – this is a no brainer. Although my commute to work is only 30 minutes door to door, that makes it one hour per day when I could be doing something else. I can imagine things get even more complicated when kids are added to this equation and you need to factor in dropping them off at school and picking them up while rushing to get to or from the office. Logistics gets easier when you don’t have to be in so many places.
  2. Comfort – there have been days when I’m really not feeling my best and going out in the world takes a huge effort. Take this weel for example when I’m fighting a nasty stomach bug – going to the office would be a nightmare. On such days working from the comfort of my own home is a blessing since I can still be productive while taking care of myself.
  3. Discipline – tele-working can be a blessing, as well as a curse, especially if you find yourself drawn to your couch or bed when instead you should be on a conference call. Personally I find that working in the silence of my own home allows me to focus better, be more efficient and sometimes even get ahead on challenging tasks.
  4. Flexibility – if we’re honest very few people can truly say they deliver 100% during the 8-9 hours while they are in the office. The majority of us will find a distraction or slack off from time to time. While it’s natural to be wanting to take a break, working from home allows you to relax while still being productive. Doing the dishes, taking the trash out or sorting the mail only take 5 minutes, but these add up and at the end of the day you will have accomplished some of the daily chores as well.
  5. Saving money. No gas, no paying for public transportation and eating home-cooked meals. Doesn’t get cheaper than that. 🙂

Having said all this, working from home is not for everyone. If you need to really separate working from being at home, combining the two will be challenging. Some people also need a transition time and commuting can do just that – you can use that time on the tram or bus to read a book, catch up on the news or simply let go of what happened at work.

For me, most of the time I can easily sway from doing business to ‘being at home’ while staying in the same physical space.  I work when I need to and go where I need to go, keeping in mind that business will always take priority when it needs to but I can easily work around it to make room for ‘home’ or my personal life.

How about you? Do you prefer working in an office or working from home?


§ 6 Responses to Why I love working from home

  • Daniela E. says:

    I suck at working from home, I need to separate the two or I would get nothing done.:P

    • Sinziana says:

      Separating the two has its advantages: you are sure that you are not bringing home your work problems and vice versa. You probably have a lot of clarity in the way you lead life, Daniela!

  • iuliaBe says:

    depends a lot on my mood and the tasks I have – sometimes I like to work from the office, but sometimes I have the feeling that I would be more productive if I would work from my sofa without anyone to bother me 🙂

    • Sinziana says:

      Exactly! Working in an office (especially open-plan office) can be daunting when you’re crunching numbers or writing extensive reports. I find that working in an office can give me a lot of energy, but also deplete it.

  • arakelian says:

    same for me: depends of the mood. In the past I worked from home and I didn’t like it, now I have nice colleagues and I appreciate to interact with these.

    There is another financial & time economy of working at home: less time and money spend to dress +make-up, for food at job; plus starting at the hour you feel full of energy (for example my boss is at 6:00 in the morning)

    • Sinziana says:

      Exactly! Working from home means no interruptions, starting when you feel full of energy and taking a break when you’re low energy. And when you take a break, instead of mindlessly browsing the internet you can do something productive around the house! I like how you think Arakelian! 🙂

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