We don’t know

November 24, 2015 § Leave a comment


Our lives are filled with more question marks than we care to admit. We don’t know a lot: when we’ll die, what life holds, what our husband is thinking about the dinner we just laid on the table, what decisions the Bilderberg group is making, when life as we know it will be over. Heck, sometimes we have no clue what we are feeling! Don’t know where we are, don’t know where we’re going, don’t know our values. Yet we live and practice and put one foot in front of the other. We hurt, we love, we cry, we die, we hope, we dream. We marry and make babies and work and eat and die. Over and over again, in this carousel that never takes a break. Well, perhaps the world stopped turning the first time my boyfriend kissed me. I really believe the world stood still then. I held my breath. I knew.

You see, we carry a lot of beliefs with us – about ourselves and the world and other people. God knows I judge. A lot. But most of the time we really have no idea what’s going on beyond our own skin. This is an encouragement from me to me to:

  • become more curious – ask questions without thinking ‘I know it all’ (I’m so guilty of this!)
  • be genuinely present to the struggles of others; listen more
  • put judgements of others and myself in a bracket, at least for a second
  • do less, be more – action is informed by belief, but when you suspend your beliefs you might also choose a different path, just this time

The only truth we do know is the one of our bones and flesh.

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