Quick green smoothie for busy mornings

November 20, 2015 § 3 Comments

Back when I was living in London green smoothies were my breakfast of choice. I had a cheap blender, and a lot of spirulina and chlorella to gobble up (who am I kidding?). In the mean time I’ve given up on the spirulina and chlorella but kept the cheap blender (and have been eyeing a Vitamix for some time now…).

This autumn the weather has been incredibly forgiving – it doesn’t look or feel like November, more like early October, which means I don’t crave hot breakfasts yet. I find that green smoothies are incredibly versatile, can be made ahead and pack a ton of nutrition leaving me feeling nourished and ready to go-go-go.

Like this kale – pineapple – Greek yogurt smoothie for example.

suc 1

What: 3 handfuls of kale (without the stem), about 150g pineapple, 150g Greek yogurt, 2 tbps. hemp seeds, and some buckthorn (which Elvin’s parents kindly gifted us on our last trip to Romania), a splash of lemon juice.

How-to: start by blending the above, adding water to thin the smoothie as needed. Adjust the taste by adding honey or more fruit. If you have a mediocre blender like me make sure you blend until you can’t feel the kale anymore.

This is what you get:

suc 2

So this is how you make breakfast for 2 days in 5 minutes flat. I added some more hemp hearts and 1tbsp of chia seeds on top of today’s breakfast and placed both servings in the fridge. I love green smoothies for the energy they give me and how portable they are – in fact since I woke up late this morning I poured the smoothie in a jar and brought it to the office. Success!

What’s your favourite recipe for smoothies?

§ 3 Responses to Quick green smoothie for busy mornings

  • arakelian says:

    I have a kale plant on my balcony. But my favourite smoothie is a mix of forest fruits, apples, and some greens hidden (for example spinach or nettles or celery).

  • Sinziana says:

    I think any kind of greens would work in a smoothie, but I am particularly attracted to nettle. You mean the one you find in gardens or forests in spring time, right? It doesn’t get more nutritious than that… and I guess dandelion leaves are also amazing. And the apple makes it all palatable… 🙂

    • arakelian says:

      yes, that one. Take the small leaves, fragile ones. I just learn from a french book that n the summer I can cut the plant and the nettle will grow back and in several days I can collect the 2-4 leaves. So we can collect all the year, like this.
      Dandelion leaves I use in salads.

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