A delicious lunch and advantages of freezer cooking

November 4, 2015 § 3 Comments

I love cooking healthy, delicious food and I don’t have enough time to do it consistently. So how do I reconcile these two realities? Freezer cooking is one option. Lately I have gotten into the habit of making larger batches of food and freezing two or three portions. Then during the week when we’re ravenous and too tired to cook anything we’ll simply defrost a meal and make a mental note to replace that in the freezer asap. I can’t tell you how life-saving beef soups have been or how well stuffed cabbage rolls or stuffed peppers keep in the freezer!

One thing that I love making in larger batches and freezing is salmon burgers. I love anything fish so this was a natural addition to my weekly rotation of meals. I have eaten salmon burgers in endless combinations, but mostly atop salads. They are delicious, hearty and healthier than most burgers.

Here’s the recipe – yields 6 burgers

approx. 600g of salmon fillet

1 big yellow onion or 3 green onions

bunch of dill

3 tbs capers

1 tbsp flour – I use a variety of quinoa, millet or standard flour

any other condiments you like

Simply process all ingredients in a food processor  – I use my reliable Phillips food processor and can get everything grinded in under 5 minutes. The salmon should not be extremely well minced. Then use your hand to thoroughly mix everything and start forming patties the size of burgers. You can coat them in sesame seeds; sunflower seeds would also work beautifully for an extra crunch and punch of healthy protein.

At this point you can either bake the burgers or wrap them in individual plastic bags which you will then put in a big ziplock. Then it’s straight into the freezer. Yep, it really is that easy. Obviously you can add and subtract a lot of the ingredients, but please make sure to use wild-caught salmon if possible.

I froze all 6 patties and then defrosted one last night to make today’s lunch.


I simply baked a bunch of Brussel sprouts together with the salmon burger, then added some cucumber and 3 falafel balls on top and called it a … lunch. 🙂 This was so easy to put together and such a satisfying meal! Highly recommended guys! Let me know if you want my recipe for baked falafels! I’ll surely follow up with the one for Brussel sprouts, they have been such a revelation.



§ 3 Responses to A delicious lunch and advantages of freezer cooking

  • arakelian says:

    I am freezing the ingredients precooked/prepared:
    – boil chickpeas/beans for 2-3 weeks
    -chicken broth
    -buy a big slice of a pig’s leg, cut in pieces, add condiments and freeze with labels; put in slim bags to de-froze fast: some to grill, some meatballs ready just to bake, or cut slices just for wok
    -I am freezing what I din’t finish to eat: put in icecream boxes, enough to take in the morning and to de-froze until lunch time at job
    -buy row milk, and freeze. Weekly I take a 2l bottle, wait until tomorrow morning to melt slowly, and then put in jars to have yogurt
    -buy big bags of vegetables, from Metro, same place as restaurants ( I have a 3kg bag of peas, a 2kg bag of corn, 2kg of pleurotus etc)
    -prepare homemade peakles and fruit jam/marmalade when the price is small

    I compose the menu next week inspired about what I have in the freezer. The weekly budget is under control!

  • Sinziana says:

    Wow, you are SO organized! I’m impressed! I especially like the idea of raw milk – how exactly do you make the yogurt?! I am really trying to be more organized and ‘streamline’ the activities in the house, but I find that when I don’t have time to ‘orchestrate’ everything, the whole thing goes down the drain and I go crazy. It feels a bit like all the work I’m doing in the house makes me a bit of a control freak… 🙂

    • arakelian says:

      The need is the best motivation (I have a budget, I have 3 persons healthy, a job and a lot of hobbies) so I create a weekly menu, Friday evening, starting from what I have in the fridge. Weekly I have soups that are cheap and full of vegetables: moldavian ones, or cream soups, cook once for several days and complete with salads and grills/pasta etc.
      For shopping, I have exactly the list of ingredients and the quantities. If I find nice offers from products that I know to consume weekly then I buy and put in the freezer (not for rare type of consumption).

      For milk and yogurt: I put warm milk in warm place.
      In plus, I love marinated foods = pickles (I am in love with the site http://nicrunicuit.com/ )

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