The one you feed

October 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

This is not a motivational post. This is ‘wake-up’ call.

Time and again I realize I am setting my own limits. My beliefs about myself dictate what I can and can’t do, what I should expect from myself and from others, what is safe and what isn’t etc. In other words these beliefs are my limits and the premise for my future.

But what if these beliefs could be deleted? What if I could replace them with a new set of beliefs and live according to them? What’s on the other side of the fence? Sometimes I get glimpses of the extraordinary person I can be. In fact I already am an extraordinary person but I don’t allow that to manifest every day. Why? Because I believe that is not who I am.

Perhaps I can forget all about who I used to be. Simply leave that behind and decide to feed myself something else. I love the parable about the one you feed.

I never thought I could accomplish as much as I have. I’ve never been the sporty type –  yet I ran a 5k race in 33 mins, did some strenuous hikes and am in love with squash. I always wanted to be a consultant and do what I’m doing today but deemed that impossible and confined myself to a less than great life. Today I am that consultant. And I could go on and on about what I thought I could never be/do, yet that is a reality today.

My beliefs are pre-conceptions. They are lies which become truths the more I repeat them to myself.

But that? That is not necessary. In fact I am a supernova of energy, power, goodwill, enthusiasm, wits and strength. I’m well equipped to be and do whatever my creative mind imagines.

And I’ll start with a 10k race at the end of November – it will be the first time I run a 10k in one go. Just watch me. I’m feeding the good wolf.

the one you feed


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