I’m a tough cookie. And how to survive seasonal affective disorder

October 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

As I’m typing this my arms are really hurting. Today has been less than stellar: call it seasonal affective disorder, hormonal imbalance or whatever – I’ve been feeling lackluster. I didn’t really want anything and nothing really helped. Like n o t h i n g – and I’m really bad at accepting nothingness in my life. I contemplated going for a run but my calves are still hurting and well, it’s dark and cold and raining… Yeah, you get the point.

But then I decided I deserve better than this. If I let myself drown in these murky waters I’m missing out on a lot. Cookies ain’t gonna take me to that wonderful place. Food in general will only make me feel worse. And I don’t really like alcohol that much. We don’t own a TV, so vegetating in front of the box was not an option. What else?

Why of course, exercise baby! Exercise is huge: not only does it cut inches from your figure, but it regulates your hormones too i.e. it makes you feel great! And it’s also fun (sometimes). 🙂 So exercise it was. I recently discovered Jillian Michaels and she is simply fabulous. 25 minutes of working out with her had me dripping with sweat but smiling!!! Her programmes are an effective combination of cardio and strength with no breaks at all. Tough, but not impossible – and this girl likes a good challenge. 🙂

I decided to add Jillian’s workouts to my weekly routine – they’re quick, effective and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Now, if I could only get some weights (hint hint Elvin). 🙂


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