The moment you decide to make a difference

October 20, 2015 § 2 Comments


It may take years living on auto-pilot before opening up to what is out there. I know how ‘self-help’ this sounds, but what I’m trying to convey is: we often live with our eyes closed; there is so much more going on and we are oblivious to. There is so much to experience, yet we encase ourselves in our own little bubble and stay there until we really die.

But there comes a day when you feel like your heart might just jump out of your chest and do a hoola-hoop in the air with the eagles, than swim laps with the dolphins in the depth of the oceans and then perhaps land on a random office desk of a CEO in a random part of the world. It feels wild.

It really doesn’t matter where you live and what your current circumstances are. Living the good life in Switzerland, or in a castle somewhere in the world, or being the richest man in the world – it really doesn’t matter. Boredom and frustration and close-mindedness can happen to anyone, no matter where they are and what they do. But this means that greatness can also happen to anyone no matter where they are, right?

For me this awakening manifested as a realization of the fact that I really have unlimited potential. If today I can only run 5k at a time, in reality I am capable of running 20k in one go. I can do more, learn more, be more, experience more. Make much more of a difference in other people’s lives.

I really don’t care about making money for the sake of making money. I’m also not overly preoccupied with what is beyond this life – but I’d like to prepare well for my own passing. Living life responsibly is very important to me. Living a legacy, a tiny one is huge for me. But more than anything, I want to experience a lot of joy. And one way to do this is to forget about limits – they are artificial, inconsistent and arbitrary.

So, where I thought I can’t – I can. Where I thought it’s impossible – you better believe it will happen. Where I thought ‘that’s just not me, I’ve never been like that/done that/not my style – things are about to change.


§ 2 Responses to The moment you decide to make a difference

  • As printa articolul asta, poate-mi intra astfel si mie in cap sa nu-mi mai pun bariere singura. Desi e cam greu, mi-a cam scazut motivatia dupa experienta avuta anul trecut la hogeschool, acum urmez niste cursuri de brutarie-patiserie in speranta ca astfel voi putea gasi un job de lunga durata, cand, pe de alta parte, ma gandesc daca nu cumva imi irosesc anii in cautarea drumului perfect. Imi vine s-o iau iar de la 0, sa fac ce face toata lumea, o facultate, sa o si termin (desi imi amorteste creierul cand ma gandesc la 4 ani pe bancile uneia), iar apoi oi vedea eu.. Doar ca nu-i totul atat de simplu, ma simt mereu stresata ca nu voi avea bani suficienti pentru un trai decent, ca trebuie sa fac ceva acum, doar ca totul cere timp, mult timp si alti bani, alta tara sau alta limba straina. Uof, grea-i viata la 21 de ani :))
    Acum mi-s curioasa de drumul strabatut de cei pe care-i citesc, de studiile facute si daca au gasit job-ul ala de vis pe care si-l doreste toata lumea.

    • Sinziana says:

      Stiu ca-ti vine greu sa crezi, dar FIECARE experienta conteaza enorm. Nu e esential sa pornesti pe un drum de la care sa nu te mai abati niciodata (foarte putini oameni fac asta, si ei de obicei nu recunosc cat de rutinati sunt dupa 30-40 de ani de facut acelasi lucru). Si sa stii ca multa lume care are deja un job isi da seama ca de fapt nu ala e drumul pentru ei. Si uneori nu fac nimic in privinta asta, de dragul stabilitatii.

      Cred ca iti e greu sa iti gasesti un interes anume pentru ca… probabil sunt mai multe lucruri care te pasioneaza. Intrebarea de 10000 de puncte e: ce anume te pasioneaza SI ai si un talent pentru acel lucru. Observa-te pe parcursul unei zile si vezi ce tendinte ai – ce faci in mod natural, cu placere? Ce iti da energie? Si ce anume te oboseste sau te irita? Si apoi incearca sa mergi pe firul rosu al pasiunii si vezi ce meserie se potriveste.

      Nu te cunosc foarte bine, dar din cate imi pot da seama esti un om foarte creativ si disciplinat, cu o aplecare spre carti. Dar stiu ca ai si cunostinte solide in diversele tool-uri IT cu care poti crea lucruri minunate. Deci cred ca domeniul digital media ti s-ar potrivi. Mai discutam, mai descoperim… Important e sa nu te grabesti si sa nu simti ca you are letting yourself down.

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