What kind of person are you?

October 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

I don’t have quick fixes for those moments when everything seems to go south. I can’t tell you that drinking a glass of water or running a 5k will help (although secretly I know they do). In my job I often meet people who feel stuck in different ways. I come across lots of stories every day and sometimes, I even hold hearts in my hand, even if only for a brief moment. I see contentment, drive and crazy passion. I also see disappointment, victimization, low self-esteem and laziness.

It’s okay – I’m not trying to change anyone. But if I see a small flicker of fire in someone, I will do anything in my power to ignite it. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, people will tell me that talking to me was like taking a big gulp of fresh air – and that makes me more happy than anything. Knowing that I  can change someone’s life for the better, even if for an inkling, is what makes me wake up every day.

To me, people are either like rocks or like rivers.


Rocks are solid, fixed, almost immovable. They have a certain inertia and there’s something ultimately sad about them. People use rocks to climb on them or rest on them, but ultimately, rocks are there to be passed. They are the foundation for something else and change very slowly in time, under the influence of external climatic factors.


Rivers, on the other hand, are fluid, flexible and strong (although liquid – how crazy is that?). They create the course of things and find a way to move forward even when they are stopped. They transform and they come back. They are there to nourish and cleanse. Water is the essence of life.

If you had a choice, what would it be? Rock… or river?


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