Healthy lunch: enjoying sweet potato and butternut squash

October 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’m passionate about healthy living, and healthy eating is a big part of that. The truth is I’m still learning a great deal – and will probably never stop learning – about what nourishes our body and what types of foods and food combinations provide the most energy.

I have a complex relationship with food: I love it and it loves me back, but it doesn’t always work out for us. 🙂

The reality is nutrition is simple and incredibly complicated at the same time. Eating for pleasure and eating for fun are very much about striking a balance – not always easy.

Nowadays I’m looking to eat nutritious foods which will give me the energy I need to sustain throughout very busy working days. I’m also working from my home office a lot these days which can only mean one thing: quick access to healthy meals and no excuses!
So here’s what I whipped up today on a break from the many conference calls:

Baked sweet potato and butternut squash with a bit of feta on top and some avocado



I adore both sweet potato and squash and I want to take full advantage of them. They are loaded with good carbs, lots of fiber and a whole slew of nutrients. With the colder weather I am craving the convenience of warm, baked goods and this meal hit the spot. Once baked, I crumbled a bit of feta and finished the dish with a perfectly ripe avocado for healthy fats.


Simply cube 300g of butternut squash and a big sweet potato (mine was also 300g). I placed them in a plastic bag and added a bit of salt, a great deal of zaatar and just enough paprika to set my tastebuds on fire, plus a bit of oil to slightly coat the veggies. Then toss them in the ziplock to make sure they are evenly coated with the spices. While they were baking (and that was really fast, less than 50 minutes!) I did another one of my conference calls. 🙂 Once out of the oven, I topped these beauties with feta and avocado. What an amazing combo and I loved the colours so much!

How I felt afterwards

Happy tummy! This meal warmed me up so much. Paprika gave an extra kick to the whole thing, and I had all the right tastes and consistencies represented on a single plate. I am definitely going to add this to my weekly rotation of quick, healthy, comfort food.
Reminder to self

The way you eat has a long-lasting effect on how you feel. Food is fuel – you just need to make sure you choose the appropriate fuel, in the appropriate quantities. This dish was loaded with all the good stuff and it left me feeling energetic and appropriately full. Adding healthy fat in the form of avocado goes a long way as it helps keep you satiated for longer.

Eating healthy and delicious stuff doesn’t have to be so difficult. All it requires is a bit of planning – creating a weekly menu and doing the shopping on time. Roasting veggies, pairing them with healthy carbs and good fats is so easy – and you can enjoy the leftovers too! 🙂 Go on, try my squash-sweet potato bake and let me know how you found it.


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