Visiting Prague (2) – where to eat and where to have fun

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Prague is well know for being a foodie city. Each restaurant serves pork-heavy menus – with the aid of the amazing Pilsner Urquell or Staropramen beers you’ll be able to down such dishes and then some more.

However I wanted to eat moderately healthy and I did a lot of research beforehand. Our hotel served a minimalistic breakfast and I wanted to avoid the croissants, so we opted not to eat breakfast there. Luckily there was no need for breakfast since Elvin and I would wake up really late and go to brunch directly. 🙂

Here’s the website where I found very useful intel about the best restaurants, bistros and cafes in Prague. These guys also offer an apartment for rent – worth checking out if you’re ever in Prague as it’s really good value for money.

Here are our top recommendations:

  • Mistral Café – we had brunch here and it was absolutely delightful. The place is bright and has a cool vibe. Although we got there before noon it was already full and a lot of the tables were reserved. I had a lovely salmon with a side of lentils and salad, plus numerous coffees. The deserts looked amazing but it was too much for me. There’s also a cool area for kids to play. This bistro/restaurant is near the Jewish quarter.
  • Proudi proudi 3proudi 2
  • Next was La Bottega Bistroteka – I told you we were into healthy stuff (and Italian cuisine can be healthy!). This place was easy to find as it’s located on the very trendy Dlouha street, just a stone throw away from the city centre. We loved the atmosphere here! We went to this place for coffee on the first evening and I had a chance to capture a bit of the atmosphere. I had an amazing, if a bit bizzare coffee and Elvin had the cappuccino and the house-made tiramisu. There are house-made cakes on display and you can even assemble your own salad from the salad bar. In the morning they even serve chia puddings – very avant-garde! We loved this place so much we decided to go there again on the second evening – this time this was a dinner date with our friends. Cristina and I shared the most amazing beef, it was really incredible, while Elvin and Mitko had fish with potatoes and a lovely mushroom sauce. We loved this place so much!
  • Bistroteka 1 Bistroteka 2 Bistroteka 3
  • Kavarna Novy Svet – we ate here the second day we went to the Castle (yes we visited the Castle on 2 days… but it was all worth it). The Castle area can get incredibly busy which is something I’m not a big fan of. I was looking for a nice, quiet place where we could have a quick and healthy brunch. With its delicious soups, quiches, home-made cakes and exquisite coffee Kavarna Novy Svet does not disappoint. We were greeted with a homey, cozy atmosphere; this place is run by a family and everything here tasted incredibly fresh. It’s nestled on one of the most quiet streets around 10 minutes away from the Castle. Such a gem!
  • Novy svet 2 Novy svet 3 Novy Svet
  • But pork and beer can’t be avoided forever, can they? We went to Lokal and that was that. I think 90% of the dishes here were based on pork. This was a recommendation from my Czech friend and non, je ne regrette rien. 🙂 This is a chain of restaurants, we went to the one on Dlouha 33. No pictures here, we were too busy drinking beer from a hose. 😉

In terms of fun Prague abounds in jazz bars. We were too busy entertaining ourselves that we missed the reservation we had made at Reduta Jazz Club for their 1960s music night.

Here’s a list of all the cool bars and clubs in Prague, hopefully you’ll be able to find something suitable.

The one you feed

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This is not a motivational post. This is ‘wake-up’ call.

Time and again I realize I am setting my own limits. My beliefs about myself dictate what I can and can’t do, what I should expect from myself and from others, what is safe and what isn’t etc. In other words these beliefs are my limits and the premise for my future.

But what if these beliefs could be deleted? What if I could replace them with a new set of beliefs and live according to them? What’s on the other side of the fence? Sometimes I get glimpses of the extraordinary person I can be. In fact I already am an extraordinary person but I don’t allow that to manifest every day. Why? Because I believe that is not who I am.

Perhaps I can forget all about who I used to be. Simply leave that behind and decide to feed myself something else. I love the parable about the one you feed.

I never thought I could accomplish as much as I have. I’ve never been the sporty type –  yet I ran a 5k race in 33 mins, did some strenuous hikes and am in love with squash. I always wanted to be a consultant and do what I’m doing today but deemed that impossible and confined myself to a less than great life. Today I am that consultant. And I could go on and on about what I thought I could never be/do, yet that is a reality today.

My beliefs are pre-conceptions. They are lies which become truths the more I repeat them to myself.

But that? That is not necessary. In fact I am a supernova of energy, power, goodwill, enthusiasm, wits and strength. I’m well equipped to be and do whatever my creative mind imagines.

And I’ll start with a 10k race at the end of November – it will be the first time I run a 10k in one go. Just watch me. I’m feeding the good wolf.

the one you feed

I’m a tough cookie. And how to survive seasonal affective disorder

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As I’m typing this my arms are really hurting. Today has been less than stellar: call it seasonal affective disorder, hormonal imbalance or whatever – I’ve been feeling lackluster. I didn’t really want anything and nothing really helped. Like n o t h i n g – and I’m really bad at accepting nothingness in my life. I contemplated going for a run but my calves are still hurting and well, it’s dark and cold and raining… Yeah, you get the point.

But then I decided I deserve better than this. If I let myself drown in these murky waters I’m missing out on a lot. Cookies ain’t gonna take me to that wonderful place. Food in general will only make me feel worse. And I don’t really like alcohol that much. We don’t own a TV, so vegetating in front of the box was not an option. What else?

Why of course, exercise baby! Exercise is huge: not only does it cut inches from your figure, but it regulates your hormones too i.e. it makes you feel great! And it’s also fun (sometimes). 🙂 So exercise it was. I recently discovered Jillian Michaels and she is simply fabulous. 25 minutes of working out with her had me dripping with sweat but smiling!!! Her programmes are an effective combination of cardio and strength with no breaks at all. Tough, but not impossible – and this girl likes a good challenge. 🙂

I decided to add Jillian’s workouts to my weekly routine – they’re quick, effective and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Now, if I could only get some weights (hint hint Elvin). 🙂

Post sincer.

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Noi nu avem copii. Inca. Zilele noastre sunt de cele mai multe ori un dolce far niente. Ziua serviciu, seara ne intalnim si discutam ce s-a intamplat peste zi, radem, ne plangem, facem planuri, dezbatem, facem ceva sport, poate ne si certam, ne uitam la un film si a doua zi o luam de la capat. Anii nostri sunt punctati de vacante, cred ca am plecat undeva in fiecare luna si asta a fost grozav. Undeva printre atata ‘ce bine e!’ ne gandim si la ce urmeaza.

Eu am fost mereu convinsa ca vreau un baietel. Cred ca atat de mult mi-am dorit un baietel incat probabil o sa avem (cel putin) o fetita. 🙂 Nu ma consideram mama de fata, credeam ca ‘profilul’ meu se potriveste cu cel al unui baietel plin de energie si pus pe facut prostii. E ciudat, dar imi iubesc deja copiii. Nu prea pot sa explic asta, dar stiu ca viata mea, sufletul meu se va schimba enorm odata cu momentul Acela 0…

Cred totusi ca o sa fiu o mama buna pentru fetita mea. Sa-i impletesc codite, sa ii facem o prajitura lui tati, sa o vad cum se topeste toata in bratele aceluiasi tati, topit si el de dragul ei, sa ii miros pielea, sa ii sorb zambetele, privirea… Oh! Copiii mei ma vor face nemuritoare.

Fetita mea cu parul negru ca taciunele si ochii verzi-albastri, mami te iubeste si te asteapta cu tot dragul!

Baietelul meu la fel de brunet si poate la fel de pupacios ca sora ta, cand vei vrea sa ne jucam, eu sunt aici. 🙂

Mai sunt multe de spus, dar ma opresc aici.

Lazy Sunday

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lac padure 1 padure 2 padure 3 padure 4 padure 5 umbra

and a gift from a friend who knows me well. 🙂


Delicious eats

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Lately I’ve  been on a groove regarding eating- I’m seeking nutritious, filling meals that will give me plenty of energy but will still taste great.

The ideal meal for me combine these 3 elements: fiber (coming mainly from veggies but also pulses like lentils and beans, or chia and linseeds), fat, protein and a good source of slow-releasing carbs. So my meals are built around vegetables galore, pulses in any shape and form, avocado, cream / butter, fish or other types of meat, yogurt and eggs, sweet potatoes and winter squash, with some dates and figs here and there. 🙂 I find that meals which combine at least 3 of these elements (fiber, fat and protein) leave me feeling happy, satiated but not full and bloated.

But my views around food are more balanced nowadays – there are days where I treat myself to fresh pressed veggie and fruit juice, but I might balance that with something from the bakery. Cinnamon swirl everyone? It’s about how you feel at the end of the day and I’m trying to be aware of my bodily cues as much as possible.

Here are some healthy and delicious eats I’ve been enjoying lately:


This was breakfast one morning: scrambled eggs à la Gordon Ramsay, cracker with avo and chilli flakes and a pepper. Loved this!


Lunch yesterday: baked squash with canned tuna and tapenade. I actually baked the squash beforehand and simply re-heated it in the oven.

sweet p

I actually baked a lot of ingredients beforehand and then mix and match with whatever I have on hand to build a full meal. I’ve made a habit to roast a big batch of veggies on Sunday as part of my meal prep. I coated the sweet potatoes in chilli flakes and zaatar and drizzled a bit of oil before roasting. This batch lasted me 3 days.


Coconut lentil soup and a seedy, crusty bread. Normally I hate anything coconutty but this soup I got at a bakery in Zurich was fantastic. Together with the dense little bread, the lentils had a lot of staying power.

verde suc

I love making juices again. Nothing more refreshing then a freshly squeezed juice in the morning. I include everything I have in the fridge or pantry from kale to spinach to kiwi to cukes to grapes (overly sweet for me on their own). Or, if I don’t have time I’ll just get a grapefruit juice which is extremely cleansing and energizing, making sure to balance with a hearty breakfast.

à bientôt! 🙂

The moment you decide to make a difference

October 20, 2015 § 2 Comments


It may take years living on auto-pilot before opening up to what is out there. I know how ‘self-help’ this sounds, but what I’m trying to convey is: we often live with our eyes closed; there is so much more going on and we are oblivious to. There is so much to experience, yet we encase ourselves in our own little bubble and stay there until we really die.

But there comes a day when you feel like your heart might just jump out of your chest and do a hoola-hoop in the air with the eagles, than swim laps with the dolphins in the depth of the oceans and then perhaps land on a random office desk of a CEO in a random part of the world. It feels wild.

It really doesn’t matter where you live and what your current circumstances are. Living the good life in Switzerland, or in a castle somewhere in the world, or being the richest man in the world – it really doesn’t matter. Boredom and frustration and close-mindedness can happen to anyone, no matter where they are and what they do. But this means that greatness can also happen to anyone no matter where they are, right?

For me this awakening manifested as a realization of the fact that I really have unlimited potential. If today I can only run 5k at a time, in reality I am capable of running 20k in one go. I can do more, learn more, be more, experience more. Make much more of a difference in other people’s lives.

I really don’t care about making money for the sake of making money. I’m also not overly preoccupied with what is beyond this life – but I’d like to prepare well for my own passing. Living life responsibly is very important to me. Living a legacy, a tiny one is huge for me. But more than anything, I want to experience a lot of joy. And one way to do this is to forget about limits – they are artificial, inconsistent and arbitrary.

So, where I thought I can’t – I can. Where I thought it’s impossible – you better believe it will happen. Where I thought ‘that’s just not me, I’ve never been like that/done that/not my style – things are about to change.

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