The whys and hows of meal prepping

September 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

I think I’m getting into a good groove with food. Here are 2 essential elements to nutritious eating:
(a) making sure you have the right ingredients on hand (how many times did you find yourself in the middle of a recipe development and realized you were out of a key ingredient without which your dish will turn out… meh?)
(b) prepping food ahead of time. There is nothing worse than coming back home from work ravenous and diving straight into a bag of chips or leaving home in the morning on an empty stomach and resorting to croissants on the way to the office.

So I went back to good old meal planning. I’m not the sort of person who cooks meals that will last our little family 2-3 weeks, that is simply too extreme. But having my fridge well stocked for a few days, knowing food making is out of the way does give me a chance to focus on other important slices of life.

So here are 2 late discoveries:
§ You can build a delicious meal around a salad – you do need good ingredients. A nice mozzarella and good quality olives will make all the difference. And so will getting the dressing just right.
This salad had all sorts of green leaves, red pepper, onion, mozzarella and olives, with a dressing of olive oil from Provence and (a tad too much) balsamico.

§ Filling and delicious lunch. This can be made in advance and is highly portable. Essentially I used a can of beans (cannelinni work best), mixed it with a nice can of tuna, a lot of mustard, some Greek yogurt and a diced yellow pepper mixed in. I served this with pepper sticks and it was lovely.

Some variations: mix the tuna with hummus and a sliced boiled egg and add dill or green onions for good measure.

tuna pastye

As for meal prepping, last night I had a Skype date with my friends. As we were chatting away I managed to make the following: pan-seared steak, roasted sweet potatoes, baked salmon and veggies and my breakfast for this morning. This food should last us for a few days and it is ohhh, so delicious! I also did the dishes. 🙂 It was fun to catch up with my girls, but I also felt productive and accomplished at the end. 🙂

To be repeated soon.


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