Watching the Perseides and chasing stars

August 13, 2015 § Leave a comment


We are all made of stardust. (C.Sagan)

Last night I fulfilled one of my longest-standing dreams: star-gazing in the mountains. While I can’t give an accurate rendition of the experience, I can say it was truly breath-taking.

When Elvin told me we could go watch the Perseides because we would have full visibility that night I was immediately in. As we drove to Col de la Faucille we could see groups of people perched on the sides of the street that was winding the mountain, installed in their chairs and covered with blankets, watching the sky in silence and completely oblivious to everything else. I could tell we were in for something magical.

Luckily Elvin had a blanket in the car and so we found a more secluded place in the woods, barely lit. And then we hunted the falling stars. Every time we saw one my heart skipped and I let out a loud shriek which sort of freaked Elvin out. 🙂 But my heart was beating so fast with the beauty of it all. The sky was clear and star-studded. Sometimes when a star fell you could still see the dust track it left. I made so many wishes as we lay on the grass, like kids … well, kids who drink beer that is. 🙂

We lay there for about an hour, allowing our thoughts to flow in the darkness and smiling ear to ear whenever a big meteorite dropped from the crown of the sky. It was nothing short of miraculous, and a night I will most definitely keep in my heart forever.

I also think this is a great experience for couples. The whole thing has something mystical to it as you reflect how little you are compared to the Universe; this definitely helps put things into perspective. There’s also something playful and quite intimate about two people who share such an experience. There is nothing to do but be and enjoy this experience together.

Thank you Elvin for a most amazing night. 🙂




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