Guess who’s back

August 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’m back from beautiful, hot, strange Corsica. We had a great time on the various beaches, visiting different towns, enjoying copious amounts of food and undisturbed sleep. I will probably do a full recap of our holidays complete with pictures, but for now let’s just say I am p-u-m-p-e-d to be back. I have not done any work while I was away (okay, one conf call yesterday on the way to the airport, but that was that), nor did I check my email. This break from work was amazing and it completely recharged my batteries.

I now have a laundry list of what I want to accomplish in the next few months, here’ a snippet (I feel better if I commit to it on my blog, which no one reads anyway :)):

This Week:

Friday morning – register for driver’s licence exam

– create a plan for a self-paced PPT and Excel training

Thursday – make contact with lawyers to discuss work permit

Next Week:

Monday – renew Swiss railway card and send my expenses

Next week (and ongoing): create an Assessment writing tips manual

By end of next week: plan holidays for the next 6 months, complete with plane tickets 🙂

TBC: determine best time to get a US Visa

Every day – eat at least one salad today

– 10 minutes to clean my work and personal inbox

– 10 minutes to declutter our home

5 days a week exercise

Every week: read 1 book and write a recap

– read 2-3 articles for work and make notes

And since I now have this color-coded 🙂 I will go ahead and print it, then check my progress against the goals at the end of each day. Hopefully this will provide me the discipline and structure I know I thrive on.


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