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So what’s new pussycats? 🙂 Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

  • Working towards the goals I listed here . This has been going quite well and I’m happy to report I’ve crossed most of the goals off my list. And let me tell you, it has been incredibly satisfying. One thing I’ve learned though is to break the bigger and more challenging goals into incremental steps that I can spread out across a few days / weeks. Since we are getting married next year 🙂 I was thinking to do an actual Wedding project plan that I would post here on the blog, with updates, challenges and trivia. How does that sound?
  • Fitness – I came across this thing which immediately sparked up my interest. Don’t Break the Chain is a technique which was apparently developed by Jerry Seinfeld. The idea is to work daily towards a goal and never take a break. On a calendar you put a tick against all days when you worked toward that goal and a cross on the days you didn’t. This visual aid is a great motivator to not break the chain. Over the last few days I’ve tried this concept with the goal of working out daily – it worked really well except these past 2 days when I have been feeling sick. But now I’m ready to get back at it! This technique is easy, competitive and fun.The benefit is not only working towards a goal but habit-formation, which is crucial. If this continues to work well I might have to dedicate a separate post to it.
  • Healthy eating. I’m happy to report my monster hunger has subsided and I have been better about eating. Still craving snacks in the evening, still eating when I’m feeling stressed, but less than before. I’m also getting better about meal prepping and planning. The next goal is to start incorporating more smoothies in my diet – I love their taste, and they are super healthy and filling. Breakfast today was a melon-spinach-lemon smoothie. Delicious, but it would have needed some fat and protein for more staying power. Note to self: stock up on avocadoes, chia seeds and hemp seeds.
  • juice salad
  • Driving. Phew, I finally got over myself and went to register for the theory test. Even this was a big step for me – a mental one. Now I need to get my act together and rock this. But studying is my thing so I’m sure I will nail this! Also, so far this week I went driving with Elvin twice. God bless his soul, he is such a great and patient teacher! And I feel a bit more confident about my capacity for driving. This is happening! 🙂

P.S. I’m thinking about adding a fun Instagram widget here, what are your thoughts?

Who we are and how we get there

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Here are two quotes I find myself reading a few times per day:

‘The best place to look is for small changes we could make in the things we do often. There is power in steadiness and repetition. Win small, win early, win often!’


‘I choose to become a fit and healthy person who invests time in my physical and mental well-being. When I do this, it enables me to live life fully and fearlessly and engage with others in a genuine way.’

And one more thing: I have finally understood why small things, when done consistently, have such an overwhelming power. Repetitive behaviours or thoughts or actions become anchored in our consciousness and brain through the creation of neural pathways which fire every single time we are about to engage in that respective action, which then becomes a pattern, which then becomes us.

In other words, positive behaviours such as exercising, writing a gratitude journal, volunteering etc. or negative behaviours like over-drinking, mindless eating etc. – when done repeatedly create certain neural circuits in our brain. Each repetition strengthens the respective neural circuit, making us more prone to become a certain kind of people.

Perhaps it sounds a bit over the top, but what this all means is that you are  what you think, say and do every day.


Vreau sa scriu o carte!

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Inca nu mi-e clar despre ce, in ce limba, si unde o voi publica… dar eu vreau sa scriu o carte.

Si ceva imi spune ca eu chiar o sa ajung sa o scriu si o sa fie o carte foarte, foarte buna. Si-acum, sa punem gandul asta la dospit… Scriu o carte, si e una care alina, ridica sufletul pe niste vibratii inalte si il tine acolo pana cand el, sufletul, simte ca isi poate lua zborul.

Despre starea de bine

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De la o vreme ma simt din nou bine. Mi-am propus niste lucruri care imi dau structura zilelor, dar mai mult decat atat, ma simt din nou bine in pielea mea. Ma balacesc intr-o mare de serotonina amestecata cu un pic de dopamina si adrenalina, si asta imi da putere, energie, speranta. Simt ca spre mine vin vesti bune, ca pot merge cu incredere inainte, ca am tot ce imi trebuie ca sa imi implinesc visele.

Am inceput aseara o carte fabuloasa – Cosmos, de Carl Sagan. Am uitat sa spun ca orice are legatura cu explorarea spatiului, cu astronomia si universul ma pasioneaza teribil. Desi nu inteleg dedesubturile fizicii si astronomiei, cred ca inteleg ideile de baza si consecintele teoriilor. Cartea asta… pur si simplu pune lucrurile intr-o cu totul alta perspectiva. Eu cred ca ar trebui sa o citeasca toti oamenii care sufera de depresie. Te scoate din tine, te transforma din punct de referinta in observator si din observator in… nimic. E ceva reconfortant in a stii ca esti nimic, si totusi esti parte din ceva atat de maret. Cand citesc cartea asta, si cand ma gandesc la viata, la univers, inima mea face salturi de bucurie. E un amestec de mister, credinta, curaj, curiozitate, joc, risc – si eu ador toate astea.

Aseara am profitat de o binemeritata plimbare la padure, dupa ploaie. Nu era aproape nimeni, si pe cer se inaltase un curcubeu. Pamantul se racorise, mirosea… ohhh, a de toate. M-am oprit uimita, am zambit curcubeului desenat pe un cer albastru violet, am zambit florilor, plantelor, copacilor, mi-am zambit mie. M-am simtit fericita, protejata, binecuvantata. Am facut un efort constient sa respir profund.


Imi dau voie sa fiu vulnerabila. Imi dau voie sa nu stiu, sa gresesc. Imi dau voie sa nu fiu perfecta. Si in acelasi timp imi dau voie sa experimentez toate lucrurile minunate din viata mea, si sa visez, si sa sper, sa iubesc si sa fiu iubita. Si in acelasi timp, las frau liber imaginatiei mele, cea mult prea tinuta in frau, si eliberez tot potentialul pe care nu l-am explorat pana acum. Sunt fericita.

apus la mare


Watching the Perseides and chasing stars

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We are all made of stardust. (C.Sagan)

Last night I fulfilled one of my longest-standing dreams: star-gazing in the mountains. While I can’t give an accurate rendition of the experience, I can say it was truly breath-taking.

When Elvin told me we could go watch the Perseides because we would have full visibility that night I was immediately in. As we drove to Col de la Faucille we could see groups of people perched on the sides of the street that was winding the mountain, installed in their chairs and covered with blankets, watching the sky in silence and completely oblivious to everything else. I could tell we were in for something magical.

Luckily Elvin had a blanket in the car and so we found a more secluded place in the woods, barely lit. And then we hunted the falling stars. Every time we saw one my heart skipped and I let out a loud shriek which sort of freaked Elvin out. 🙂 But my heart was beating so fast with the beauty of it all. The sky was clear and star-studded. Sometimes when a star fell you could still see the dust track it left. I made so many wishes as we lay on the grass, like kids … well, kids who drink beer that is. 🙂

We lay there for about an hour, allowing our thoughts to flow in the darkness and smiling ear to ear whenever a big meteorite dropped from the crown of the sky. It was nothing short of miraculous, and a night I will most definitely keep in my heart forever.

I also think this is a great experience for couples. The whole thing has something mystical to it as you reflect how little you are compared to the Universe; this definitely helps put things into perspective. There’s also something playful and quite intimate about two people who share such an experience. There is nothing to do but be and enjoy this experience together.

Thank you Elvin for a most amazing night. 🙂



Guess who’s back

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I’m back from beautiful, hot, strange Corsica. We had a great time on the various beaches, visiting different towns, enjoying copious amounts of food and undisturbed sleep. I will probably do a full recap of our holidays complete with pictures, but for now let’s just say I am p-u-m-p-e-d to be back. I have not done any work while I was away (okay, one conf call yesterday on the way to the airport, but that was that), nor did I check my email. This break from work was amazing and it completely recharged my batteries.

I now have a laundry list of what I want to accomplish in the next few months, here’ a snippet (I feel better if I commit to it on my blog, which no one reads anyway :)):

This Week:

Friday morning – register for driver’s licence exam

– create a plan for a self-paced PPT and Excel training

Thursday – make contact with lawyers to discuss work permit

Next Week:

Monday – renew Swiss railway card and send my expenses

Next week (and ongoing): create an Assessment writing tips manual

By end of next week: plan holidays for the next 6 months, complete with plane tickets 🙂

TBC: determine best time to get a US Visa

Every day – eat at least one salad today

– 10 minutes to clean my work and personal inbox

– 10 minutes to declutter our home

5 days a week exercise

Every week: read 1 book and write a recap

– read 2-3 articles for work and make notes

And since I now have this color-coded 🙂 I will go ahead and print it, then check my progress against the goals at the end of each day. Hopefully this will provide me the discipline and structure I know I thrive on.

Despre starea de bine

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Am mai povestit aici despre acea perioada aproape ireala din viata mea in care simteam ca totul merge ca pe roate, eu aveam energie nelimitata si daramam munti cu entuziasmul meu. Perioada aceea a trecut si mi-a fost tare greu sa inteleg ca nu mai sunt ce-am fost si probabil nici nu voi mai reveni la acea Sinziana… dar… poate ca o sa ajung la o versiune mult, mult mai buna a ei. 🙂

Ma simteam prinsa in niste… liane de care nu stiam cum sa scap. Nu prea ma puteam misca din loc, dar pe masura ce ma adanceam in mlastina aia, furia ca nu voi mai iesi niciodata la lumina, disperarea de a fi bine din nou puneau stapanire pe mine. De fapt, lianele erau doar convingerile mele auto-limitative. Ma pricepeam foarte bine la un lucru… sa ma tin pe loc, sa pun si mai multa greutate si presiune pe mine, ca sa ma afund si mai tare in mlastina. Si desigur ca vedeam realitatea cu ochelarii pe care eu singura mi-I alesesem.

In realitate, in perioada mea de wonder-woman de acum cativa ani reuseam sa fac mult mai multe, cu mult mai putin. Nu aveam asa de multe resurse ca acum, nici atat de mult sprijin, orizontul imi era cu siguranta mai limitat, si totusi eram o forta de neoprit. Secretul? Ratarea si insuccesul nu erau optiuni reale pentru mine. Desigur, ma gandeam ca poate nu o sa obtin bursa la master la Londra, m-am dat de ceasul mortii si cu licenta, dar in realitate astea erau mofturi, eu stiam una si buna: o sa reusesc, orice ar fi. Imi spuneam obsesiv, de fapt traiam acest adevar: orice s-ar intampla, va fi bine.

Si acum revin incet-incet la aceeasi stare de gratie, dar cu niste ani de experienta in spate. Abordarea cea mai potrivita? Asteptari cat mai mici. Si prin asta nu vreau sa spun aspiratii marunte, vise in alb-negru, ci doar atat: fac tot ce depinde de mine, dar nu ii mai incarc pe altii cu proiectiile mele. Astept sa vad ce mi se intampla, lucrez cu ceea ce am la indemana, stiind in acelasi timp ca ma voi descurca perfect in orice situatie. Acum mi-e clar… eu sunt genul de om care poate scoate din cuptor o minunatie de desert dintr-un ou, lapte, zahar, faina si unt, dar produc o opera de arta si daca imi dai pe mana piure de maracuja, beurre sale si marsala. Cu alte cuvinte, fac fata cu brio oricarei provocari, fara stress si presiune… dar cu mult zambet si credinta de neclintit ca totul este si va fi bine.


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