Christmas all around

July 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

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Is it strange that I am dreaming up a white, snowy Christmas? Outside it is so hot that I would jet straight away to the North Pole if I could. But since I can’t, I’m dreaming of Christmas, snow and cold weather.

In the 11 years we’ve been together so far, Elvin and I have traditionally spent Christmas with each of our families and ‘cross-pollinated’ where we could. However the whole shebang of flying to Romania, huge suitcases and all, the constant running around and crazy atmosphere has gotten me tired. I would even dare say that when we come back from Romania we are even more tired than when we went. Year after year I promised myself I would not do that, and yet…

And so this year, I’d like to have a peaceful and normal Christmas (at least the Christmas day, if the not the whole holiday). I would love for us to decorate our home (for once!), buy a Christmas tree, cook together and spend the day like a normal couple. Waking up late, unwrapping the presents, sipping hot chocolate and eating home-made cozonac… that doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

birou 2I love nothing more than being with family and friends at Christmas time… but these past few years I have felt torn between different homes and different people that I love. This has left me feeling exhausted, confused and sometimes even upset. So perhaps this year we try something new and take it easy at home… our own home!

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