Ships and navigators, miles and more

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This ship has sailed. Jump ship! Shape up or ship out! Flow! That was plain sailing… 🙂

These are but a few expressions I know that involve the idea of ships and sailing. I’ve always known I wanted to live by some type of river or lake and let me tell you, with its 300 something km of pure beauty Lac Leman does not disappoint. 🙂 These days, while the hot weather is becoming more and more obvious the cool breeze from the lake is nothing short of amazing.

But there is something else about lakes and navigating that fascinates me. These past few weeks it has become more and more obvious to me that I am the captain of my own ship. I decide who is part of my crew, who I can invite onboard and who needs to get off asap. I have the compass and I decide where I want to go. And while this may sound like a control freak’s paradise, there are moments when you have to go with the wind. When the waters are stormy and the wind blows strongly, the smartest thing to do is actually not oppose the winds, but go with them, follow them without knowing where that might take you. I like to call that sailing in the blind and it’s an essential skill to master in life.

For a while now I have been weathering some storms and pushing ahead without a clear idea of where I am headed. But now my compass is back where it belongs and I am ready for some smooth sailing. No more storms, no more sharks in the water and no more water aboard. This is smooth sailing. 🙂

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Sunt recunoscatoare pentru copilaria, adolescenta si tineretea mea mica, asa cum imi place sa ii spun. Am avut multe sanse, m-am bucurat de multe, am trait aventuri, m-am indragostit! Si cine stie cate si cate mai urmeaza…

Am revazut niste poze cu mine de acum cativa ani si m-a inundat nostalgia. In general, evit sa fac asta, tocmai pentru ca nu imi place sa ‘cad in butoiul cu melancolie’, cum ar spune cineva. 🙂 Am niste zeci de caiete, agende, jurnale, plus cele 2 bloguri ale mele, pe care acum le pastrez doar pentru ochiul meu. Imi place sa inregistrez amintiri, dar nu revizitez trecutul foarte des.

E totusi important sa te opresti uneori si sa reflectezi la propria istorie. Trasam linii proaspete in timp, asa cum schiorii traseaza linii in zapada. Liniile astea sunt apoi batute de alti schiori, dar cel mai adesea acoperite de zapada sau pierdute in vartejul vantului. Adevarul este ca intr-u final urma de pe munti ni se pierde tuturor, dupa ce am schiat cu totii la vale…

Mont Tendre in May. Tender and beautiful

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The details

Project: Hike from Col de Marchairuz (1447m) to Mont Tendre (1679m)

Date: 30 May 2015

Team: Sinzi & Elvin

Difficulty: Medium to easy

Hike duration: 2-2.5 hours for one leg

As I said in a previous blog post, I am really keen to do a lot of hikes this summer. Last Sunday Elvin and I decided to tackle Mont Tendre from Col de Marchairuz.

All in all I would say the level of difficulty on this hike was medium to easy. There are peaks and valleys and the peaks tend to feel steep to the relatively inexperienced hiker like us.

We drove to Col du Marchairuz which is about 1 hour away from Geneva. Affording splendid views over Lac Leman and the Savoyan Alps, Col du Marchairuz is a park in the Jura mountains which connects Aubonne with Le Brassus in the Vallée de Joux. The beautiful plateau is a starting point for many hikes.

Mont Tendre is the highest peak in the Swiss Jura. We were familiar with it already since last year we completed a hike to the same peak, but from Col de Mollendruz. We knew the Buvette at the top of the mouintain had opened 2 weeks before so this was an additional incentive. J

The weather was splendid, albeit a little hot. I am not a specialist, but I really payed attention to the landscape – the types of trees we encountered, the rocks, the kinds of flowers. The landscape is specific for the Jura mountains, with rocks scattered all over the place and looking pretty ancient. We stopped often for pictures and snacks – we brought cherries, home made cookies and almonds. Delish! Oh, and it turns out that this place is a great habitat for lizards as well as huge colonies of wood ants. 😀

Before we knew it, we arrived at the Buvette and filled our tanks with tartiflette and beers.

The views at the top were gorgeous! We even had a little nap in the grass – I don’t have any pics of that though. 😀

The hike back proved to be more difficult (all those little peaks that we had to conquer!) – the beer was probably not a good idea.

All in all, this was a great hike which can be tackled with kids as well. We came back pretty knackered. 😀

I can’t wait to go on the next hike – probably not this week-end though! 🙂



Destined for greatness

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I know this sounds like big, pompous words but getting out on the other side after you’ve had tunnel vision for a while can feel… liberating!

It’s 6.35am and I’m about to meet a friend for a game of squash in a few minutes. I’m almost done with preparing my snacks for the day and I’ve carefully layed out my office attire last night. I also know what my top 5 priorities are today. I’ve had my lemon water in the morning. Oh, and I feel really really good.

This has not happened often enough for me to call it a habit. But dang, does this change feel good. Like an awakening. And God knows what else is waiting on the other side!…

Later edit

Okay so squash was great, but I was a little late for work. Biking to and from the squash court killed my legs, but damn does it feel good. The yogurt-melon-chia breakfast was really amazing too! Anyway, what I wanted to say is:

– I think I’ve been holding myself down from a bunch of amazing stuff – all related to me. There is so much potential there, so much to – feel, read, know, experience, be. I’ve been hiding – perhaps I did not feel like showing myself to the world?

But I am showing up now. I am beginning to do great stuff at my job – stuff that can really have an impact, I am exercising and eating well (or almost well), and taking care of myself. I’m starting to read all these books and build important connections with people. I care about myself – how I dress, how I look, how I feel, where I want to go. It’s like a surging current, a feeling of excitement and ‘I-can’t-wait’.

My learnings:

– whatever you’re going through right now, it will pass. Neither good, nor bad are forever. Take this time to do whatever you need to do.

– spend time regularly to really center yourself. Try to see whatever is going on. Be honest to yourself. Painfully honest. Some questions to ask yourself: What’s working? What’s not? What’s draining my energy / what gives me energy? How am I feeling? What do I need to change? Take whatever time you need to find answers.

exercise helps massively, and so does eating well. Don’t start everything at once, just start from somewhere and go from there. Be consistent. Check in with yourself regularly. Hold your own hand through the bad times.

– when you don’t allow yourself to feel whatever needs to be felt, things can go bad. You go on auto-pilot and start doing all kinds of stupid things, which make you feel even worse. Remember: growth happens when things feel uncomfortable. So when it hurts, you should be happy.

– invest in yourself. In your body – by exercising, resting, eating clean, dressing well. Do you need a new haircut? Do you need to renew your wardrobe? Do you know what kind of attire looks best on you? Also invest in your mind – quieting the mind can be such a powerful exercise (this is something I need to work on myself!). Spend time educating yourself – read books, articles, watch movies, listen to new music. Ask yourself this question: what will it take for you to make that next leap? Then go out and do it!

And a song to help keep ourselves in the right light-hearted gear :):

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