About self-limiting beliefs and getting back in the saddle

May 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

As a teenager I was quite adventurous. I travelled a lot by myself and had my fair share of trouble. I had a lot of fun but I was always quite cautious. The typical good girl.

With time my dreams became things I achieved alongside others and I quickly lost the appetite for solo adventures, to the point where I would not imagine travelling somewhere by myself. The typical sad story.

Life however has a special way of helping you redress when you stray. And life has demonstrated to me that I really need to take the bull by the horns and re-learn to have fun by myself.

The past week-end I really really wanted to go on a hike. I dreamed of being in the mountains and do a strenuous hike. I needed that organically for several reasons.But things didn’t quite pan out and in the end everyone in our group backed out, so at some point the hike was out of the question.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. But somehow I could not give up on my dream, not this time.

By the time I left home it was already 3pm which is extremely late when you also need to take the train to the mountains. But something in me was stronger than any obstacles and I did not second guess myself. I just went on, determined.

I took the train from Cornavin, direction St. Cergue. Trains run every 30 minutes. I changed in Nyon and took this small train which winded through the steep valleys in a number of smaller villages.  In my back-pack I had water, money, my phone with a dieing battery and a lot of energy that had to be used up. In about 30 minutes I had arrived in St. Cergue and was smiling ear to ear. Although I had mapped out an itinerary for myself so many hiking routes presented themselves! But it was already quite late and a ‘serious’ hike was out of the question… which irritated me!I decided to go on Haut Mont which I thought was a hike I could tackle in the time I still had left.

photo 1

The air was… incredible. The views were breath-taking and I even stumbled upon entire beds of tulips.


But most of all, I was out there doing what I had set for myself to do. I felt strong, free, beautiful. Capable. With every step on that path I realised how many self-limiting beliefs I am nurturing! I realised how much I tend to cling to people and expect of them to cross the finishing line with me. I realised I am MUCH more capable than I think I am and I can build my own stairway to the stars – I don’t need anyone else to do it for me. Half-way on the path it felt that this solo hike was the best thing that could have happened to me on that day.


Heck, when I came down to St. Cergue I even went to this cool place to reward myself with a beer – and actually enjoyed it.


So what’s next? I’m not really sure. But what I do know is that I’m back in the saddle and ready to ride wherever my wise horse takes me… 😉


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