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April 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

Very often on my Internet meanderings I come by stuff I get to love – websites, books, products, ideas for travelling destinations etc. Point is, my interests are vast and I always think ‘hmm, this could be something I recommend on my blog’. Except it never ends up on my blog… until today.

  • Tulips – yesterday on our way back from grocery shopping Mr E. and I discovered a gorgeous patch of land covered in tulips. It was near the Val Thoiry shopping centre and we could not but stop and pick some flowers. Turns out this is an initiative by the Club Lions de Bellegarde to sell tulips every year and raise money for cancer research. We got 25 beautiful tulips… j’aime! tulips
  • Reading – I have a post in the drafts folder about my love affair with reading. I am certainly an ex bookworm turned into an ‘agnostic’ and ueber rational person who can’t stomach fiction. But recently, my love for novels has been rekindled and now I find myself devouring books anywhere, anytime. I often refer to Goodreads for recommendations and simply to find out if a book is worth my time or not. Most of the time I follow my intuition though… 😉
  • Norway. This country has stole my heart and I keep thinking about returning and exploring it again. I love everything Norway – the incredible nature, the magical feel of it, the design, the food, the people, the long winter nights and the long summer days… everything! I am now looking for Norway-based bloggers or Norwegian authors… and I came across this beautiful blog. From what I gather Astrid is a Norwegian teacher currently living in Stavanger with her beautiful daughter and husband. It’s strange, but I feel I have a lot in common with this woman – our passion for coffee and good food, our love for nature and simple things. I adore their mountain cabin and can only dream that I will one day spend time with my own family around a wooden table, enjoying birds chirping and sipping wine in the evening folded in warm blankets…Ohh, and in some of her posts I discovered pictures of my beloved Godt Brød bakery which sparked so many memories of last summer in Norway.

godt brod

  • Apivita products. With the spring winds my skin has become somewhat dry, so when my sister gifted me this pomegranate face mask, I was more than happy. Apivita products are 98% made of natural ingredients and from what I can tell, they are gentle and effective. I made a face mask last night and it left my skin clean and hydrated. Definitely a must-try!

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