Navigam sensuri

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Pe vremea aceea schimbam busolele ca pe ceasuri.

In timpul asta valurile cresteau, iar barca era inghitita de dantele inspumate. Nu se putea respira de atata apa sarata.

Alteori valurile erau mici, apa limpede, iar lemnul barcii se usca sub greutatea soarelui, sub greutatea sarii.

Inima se juca in apa fara sens – acum calarea vesela un val, acum se lasa inghitita de el. Vesteda, palida, bucata de carne.

Pana la urma nu exista nici un sens, doar o navigare mereu intrerupta si mereu reinceputa, sincopa intre un val si urmatorul, in acelasi punct infiorator de adanc.

Happy day!

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This morning I ran! I give myself a pat on the back for getting out of bed when I  was actually wishing to sleep a little longer!

A run around the Geneva lake in the morning is a beautiful thing. The sun had just risen and the views were beautiful and calming. I left my stuff at the office and headed out at 7:05. I was back 35 minutes later, all sweats and smiles. My goal with running is to make it a more consistent habit. Once that is in place, I will work on (1) duration and (2) pace.

I dare to say that exercise in the morning is not possible unless you prepare for it logistically and mentally the evening before. For me this meant laying out my running attire and preparing my breakfast and part of my lunck for a quick pick up before I ran out the door at 6:30am.


Mental preparation is about making sure you get a decent amount of sleep and getting into the exercise zone to make you’re going to give it your all. And that is not hard to do when the views are like this…

lake sunrise

Dreaming big and Weekly challenges

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With the trees in full bloom, I am also coming out of a slump. A deadly combination of winter hibernation and spring asthenia got me lethargic and almost lifeless. This is not a winning situation when you work in consulting and you actually have… other life goals as well.

So here’s what I’m working towards these days:

  • Cleaning up my eating – needless to say my food habits have been less than stellar in the stressful and depressing winter-spring months. I am now focusing on getting in a lot of veggies, fruit, salads, good protein and some fats, with the occasional treat.Eating regularly works for me. Not waiting until I’m starving is also a good strategy. Stopping when I’m full is the best. Moderate portions are a goal.
  • I’m working to incorporate more sports in my life – walking, running, squash. I was sooooo looking forward to an early morning run today but with 6 hours of sleep last night that just did not happen. I am going to make sure it happens tomorrow though, as I am really craving a run around the lake in the early hours.
  • Sleep. This one is huge for me. I can see what going to bed early does for me. 8 or 8.5 hours of sleep are probably the best medicine out there. When I hit the hay early enough and get a decent amount of hours of sleep, the next day I feel like I can conquer the world.
  • A Magnesium supplement has done wonders for me. For now this is all I’m taking but I may be adding Coenzime Q10 and Iron.
  • A more efficient, streamlined attitude to work. I hate being stuck in the office until very late. With so many changes and exciting new projects at work I could easily linger around far longer than I should. Instead, I am choosing to be very focused and efficient and stop working when the time is right. Managing my stress levels is going to be a big one. Limiting my travel will also be important.
  • I plan to put in place: Project Inbox 0 and 5 Priorities a day.
  • General outlook on life. Like I said in a previous blog post, I tend to be pretty tough on myself, so I would like to loosen up a little and instead play more, smile more and not take everything SO seriously.
  • Try out new things. Over the last few years two of the best things I’ve attempted to do have been playing squash and skiing (getting better at both) and driving (currently sucking at it). I plan to keep it up with these initiatives and move forward in a more fluent and relaxed way. Reading, yoga and creative writing are also on my to-do list.

Here are my challenges for this week:

  1. Eat well every single day – make sure to incorporate a salad with most meals. Finish the day feeling comfortably satiated, but not full
  2. Do something physical every single day – outside, if possible. [I will aim to do this in the AM, as exercising in the evening keeps me from sleeping]
  3. Efficiency at work – work on reducing my bulky Inbox each day and have a 5 priorities list ready for the next day
  4. Sleep enough – be in bed around 22.30 and sleeping by 23.00

I will check in here next week to see how I did on these challenges. 🙂

Links of love (1)

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Very often on my Internet meanderings I come by stuff I get to love – websites, books, products, ideas for travelling destinations etc. Point is, my interests are vast and I always think ‘hmm, this could be something I recommend on my blog’. Except it never ends up on my blog… until today.

  • Tulips – yesterday on our way back from grocery shopping Mr E. and I discovered a gorgeous patch of land covered in tulips. It was near the Val Thoiry shopping centre and we could not but stop and pick some flowers. Turns out this is an initiative by the Club Lions de Bellegarde to sell tulips every year and raise money for cancer research. We got 25 beautiful tulips… j’aime! tulips
  • Reading – I have a post in the drafts folder about my love affair with reading. I am certainly an ex bookworm turned into an ‘agnostic’ and ueber rational person who can’t stomach fiction. But recently, my love for novels has been rekindled and now I find myself devouring books anywhere, anytime. I often refer to Goodreads for recommendations and simply to find out if a book is worth my time or not. Most of the time I follow my intuition though… 😉
  • Norway. This country has stole my heart and I keep thinking about returning and exploring it again. I love everything Norway – the incredible nature, the magical feel of it, the design, the food, the people, the long winter nights and the long summer days… everything! I am now looking for Norway-based bloggers or Norwegian authors… and I came across this beautiful blog. From what I gather Astrid is a Norwegian teacher currently living in Stavanger with her beautiful daughter and husband. It’s strange, but I feel I have a lot in common with this woman – our passion for coffee and good food, our love for nature and simple things. I adore their mountain cabin and can only dream that I will one day spend time with my own family around a wooden table, enjoying birds chirping and sipping wine in the evening folded in warm blankets…Ohh, and in some of her posts I discovered pictures of my beloved Godt Brød bakery which sparked so many memories of last summer in Norway.

godt brod

  • Apivita products. With the spring winds my skin has become somewhat dry, so when my sister gifted me this pomegranate face mask, I was more than happy. Apivita products are 98% made of natural ingredients and from what I can tell, they are gentle and effective. I made a face mask last night and it left my skin clean and hydrated. Definitely a must-try!

The Trying

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sliesFor a while in my life I did not think of myself as hard-working, persistent or diligent. I was a wild spirit, just doing my own thing. But in fact, I really was a loving, hard-working, persistent and diligent young woman. I went into different competitions, some of which were way beyond my skills and comfort zone at the time. Most of the times I succeeded – winning that public speaking contest, getting into a special school for talented students, winning a place on the debate summer camp in Duino, graduating valedictorian at Uni and others… It really gives me a smile when I look back at myself 15, 10, 6 years ago.

When I would hear the good news, I would stop for a second, smile and move on to the next goal. I never celebrated and never gave myself a pat on the back. What is worse, I berated myself for any big or small failure. I have always given it my all to put myself down, never really looking at my true self.

I have carried this weight with me for a long time. I used to have a deep admiration for the ambitious, the high achievers, the ‘never settle for less’ kind of people. Heck, the first thing that drew me to my current fiancé was his brain (and this continues to this day, although now I see much more beauty about this man). I loved to be surrounded by brainiacs, people with a special talent, and see in them something I could aspire to.

The point is: I dreamed big, I worked hard, I achieved a lot. But in my heart of hearts, I always spoke badly about and to myself. I never looked at myself for who I really was – good and bad, a person like all others. I have always fought with the demons of self-confidence which could only be defeated if I achieved that next goal. In the words of my boyfriend, I have always put enormous pressure on myself, saying ‘yes’ whole-heartedly to the craziest of demands at work and putting up with a lot of other bad stuff in my private life. I was raised to think that ‘love yourself for what you are now’ is stupid. Instead, I believed whole-heartedly that my self-worth was contingent on how much I could take and endure, how much I could achieve, how far I could go.

Today I know better. I still very much admire brilliant, talented, hard-working and determined people. I will always be in awe of someone’s endurance and always inspired by it. I will never settle by mediocrity. But I will also never again equate myself with my successes or failures. Instead, I am only just now beginning to learn who I really am; hopefully one day I will be able to have a balanced, perhaps even loving relationship with myself.


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sunset# For all the lessons my family teaches me. ‘Nuff said 🙂

# For the opportunity to  be outside of my comfort zone so often. It’s painful,  but hey, learning is supposed to hurt a little.

# For Munich airport, so great for shopping. Last night in between 2 flights I managed to snap 2 cute and, dare I say, sexy tops which I will need…

# For the new projects at work. Some things are really serendipitous and I could not be happier about the projects that have been confirmed and which are now in my radar. This is going to be so cool! Oh, and remember the challenge I mentioned in my last post? It sounds like that will not be such a big deal after all, as I have some great support. This is going to work wonders!

# For a new haircut and attitude I love. I also love my manicure and the heels I am wearing today. 🙂

# For discovering new and amazing authors – today on the train to Zurich I spent 90 minutes immersed in a debut book by a Romanian author and for the first time in a long time I do not want this book to be over. I am SO going to write a review and perhaps event contact the author, who, by some weird twist of life, lives in my home city.

# Affording to buy what I want, when I want it. Not having to think about bills or how to make ends meet. So many people don’t have this luxury…



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Uneori, zilele petrecute in Romania sunt o chestiune de supravietuire; cert e ca mereu, dar mereu plec de aici cu foarte multe de digerat si decantat.

Ma bucur ca a venit primavara. Planuri de viitor:

– mult plimbat la padure si in curand, pe munte. squash. alergari. poate ajung si in poienita mea unde sunt lacramioare.

– multa liniste si gandurile mele ordonate si la locul lor precum firele de iarba, primavara

– spor si munca productiva la job. proiecte noi. si o provocare din care sper sa ies cu bine, caci e cu bataie lunga…

– condus. ador sa conduc. trebuie sa imi dau examenul de teorie cat de curand, si sa exersez in fiecare zi, macar 20 de minute.

– as vrea sa fac si o curatenie generala in toata casa, sa scap de tot ce e inutil, sa frec fiecare coltisor. mi-ar placea sa decoram casa in stil nordic, minimalist

– sa incerc noi salate si feluri de mancare

– sa petrec mult timp afara si mult mai putin timp online

– sa ma limpezesc si linistesc


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