What I’m good at

March 22, 2015 § Leave a comment

Today marks the end of a very ‘low mood’ week. I have been feeling pretty lethargic, tired and demotivated to do… anything. This kind of behavior is quite strange as I almost always find something that catches my fancy. This week I even struggled with getting out of bed… that’s how bad it was. I have made poor choices in terms of food and activities – I chose to do things that will not necessarily advance my goals. During this time I have carefully observed myself – what I was doing and what emotions I was triggering. I still think it is just a matter of time until I get out of this rut, which I attribute to changing seasons and lack of sunlight. Since I am normally full of beans, always on the go and constantly on the look-out for something, this vegetative state was quite a shocker – but I decided to actually enjoy it.

Until tonight. We decided to play squash and went to the court relatively late. Again, my food intake was not stellar today so I was not expecting to feel great. But what happened on that field blew me away.  By the end of the game I really did not want to go home. I felt such a strong fire within me and was loving hitting that ball hard! I could feel how coordinated my body was and what amazing things it was doing. I can play squash; I can be good at this! Heck, I could be great at this if I persist long enough. I love this sport because it’s so active, quick, smart and strategic. And above everything, so much fun!

So, cheers to always discovering something new about yourself. This week I discovered I can be lazy and okay about it (1) and that I can be great at sports (2). Wahooo! 😀


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