In the knowing

March 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

There was a time in my life when I felt fully aligned with myself. Life was not uncomplicated, but I made it beautiful. I let myself be driven by my passion, unwavering enthusiasm and endless energy. I felt unstoppable – and I was. Then some fundamental things changed in my life and darkness started to fall, thick and plenty. I stayed there for quite some time, not fully understanding what was going on with me. I felt a deep sense of desperation and I was struggling a lot. And what is worse, I did not recognize myself.


I have  a new saying I love – ‘things need to get worse before they get better’. I really believe in that. In the bigger scheme pain is good and it has to consume itself. If you accept it and agree to live through it, you will come out on the other side as a wiser person, and more rounded.

As for me, after long stretches of time, and twists and turns in my life, I feel like I am getting my mojo back. I see it coming, as things fall into place. There’s still a lot of inner resistance to the state of flow, but I’m getting better at this thing which is called ‘contentment’.


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