# Musings (3)

February 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

# Sometimes it’s good to admit to yourself when it’s.time.to.stop – working, staying awake although you’re exhausted, eating, vegetating on the couch, arguing. In other words, limits are good and healthy people know the good measure in all things. This is a big deal for me – learning when to stop. Too much of anything is not good for you. When you do to much of something, it means you are doing too little of something else which, coincidentally, is probably very good for you.

# When you think something is difficult, try doing something even more difficult. The first thing will then seem like a piece of cake. 🙂 Happened to me this week when I stayed up the whole night to figure out a monster report I had to do for the very first time. That trumped all the other reports which I used to dread in the past. 🙂

# Honest men will admit this to you before they turn their eyes on other women (they do it anyway, but sometimes it’s definitive). They like you to be pretty, relaxed, smiling, sexy and in a good mood. They don’t like to see you frown, work too hard or neglect yourself – whatever form this takes. Everything you do pretty much needs to seem effortless.

FYI men, a lot of the above is true for women too. 😉 Don’t slack!

FYI women – fake it ’til you make it!

# Don’t procrastinate – just do it!


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