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Uneori lucrurile nu sunt ceea ce par. Inauntrul unei bestii se poate ascunde o floare de lotus. Alteori, dincolo de un zambet aparent minunat nu e… nimic.

Oamenii sunt niste fiinte mereu surprinzatoare si adesea schimbatoare. Nimic nu e alb sau negru si cel mai rau lucru pe care il poti face e sa te atasezi emotional de anumite imagini pe care ti le-ai format singur.

Eu insami ma fac vinovata de a imparti lumea in categorii – buni, rai, urati, destepti, prosti, stralucitori, mizerabili.Astazi insa am avut dovada palpabila ca un om e… asa, ca o saorma cu de toate.

Si de asemenea, ca anumite lucruri nu au nici cea mai mica legatura cu mine. Probabil ca numai intelegerea acestui lucru imi mai lipsea ca sa ajung in sfarsit sa nu ‘o mai iau personal’.

Dar probabil cea mai importanta si frumoasa lectie, si cea mai grea, este ca uneori nu e nevoie sa reactionezi, ci doar sa lasi lucrurile sa vina, sa treaca, si sa fii un observator detasat.


Prajiturile si tartele mele

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Pe dinauntru sunt un perete tapetat cu lalele mov. E simpatic cum uneori eu simt placile tectonice cutremurandu-se sub noi, dar nimeni nu mai simte asta. O scuturatura brusca, si gata, lucrurile revin la normal. Pe rafturile mele interne sunt veioze care lumineaza in cele mai ciudate moduri. Si farfurii intinse cu prajituri cu crema – delicate, crocante, fondante crème intre straturi subtiri de pandispan, cu fructe, cu migdale, cu nuca sau rom. Si tarte frantuzesti, cu diferite aluaturi si umpluturi bogate – sarate, cremoase, bune de umplut cerul gurii si cerut tot mai mult.

Nu voiam sa spun nimic cu randurile astea – doar ca pe rafturile mele adapostesc nesfarsite prajituri si tarte care asteapta sa fie mancate – fara lingurita, direct cu mana.

If I’ll ever be a mum…

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I promise myself to not be just a mom (not that I think mums are not amazing human beings)

I promise to be good to myself, not just my baby. To love my partner and care for him and be nice to him. 🙂

I promise to hold interests outside of mummy-hood and dedicate time to my hobbies. I really think mummy-hood is going to add to my glow in the workplace. 🙂

I promise to always always always take good care of myself – do anything that makes me feel good in my skin, you know, those superficial but so awesome things women do like paint their nails, go shopping for clothes and meet with girlfriends for coffee

And I promise to put myself first at least sometimes (SO hard for me).

Connecting people

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I speak ‘people talk’ fluently. I can read emotions, can play with them and navigate social situations quite easily. But unfortunately over time I have not invested enough time in nurturing my friendships or developing new relationships, something I really regret. I remember at Uni I would almost always choose library time over coffee with friends. Later this translated into long hours in the office versus at the bar with co-workers.

Moving further down on the relationships continuum  I realize I can be quite selfish about how I spend my own time. Yes, that is a very sad reality and me – a very self-contained person.

Well, over the past few months I have arrived at a different conclusion. I now know that friendships are deeply nurturing relationships where you allow the other person to express themselves liberally and help each other express the whole gamut of feelings. Friendships are about creating a safety net about that person you care strongly for, about playing together, stretching each other or simply listening.

I have also discovered that the trust with which my friends invest me when they pour their hearts out to me is incredible. It’s like holding a heart in your palms and blessing it. I have learned I can be a good, trustworthy, happiness- and hope-inducing friend.

Last Sunday I was really close to bailing out on a brunch date with a girlfriend – I knew we would both be disappointed and I almost wanted to deny myself that pleasure. But I  went with it – went against my crazy, self-imposed schedule and against the fear talking in my head.

And boy, did these girls have a blast! We laughed our hearts out, we got very emotional, we cheered for each other and simply talked for hours. In fact I can’t remember the last week-end when I spent so much time with friends – play in the snow, coffee dates, dinner and brunch!

Power is in the friendship and in togetherness…

# Musings (3)

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# Sometimes it’s good to admit to yourself when it’ – working, staying awake although you’re exhausted, eating, vegetating on the couch, arguing. In other words, limits are good and healthy people know the good measure in all things. This is a big deal for me – learning when to stop. Too much of anything is not good for you. When you do to much of something, it means you are doing too little of something else which, coincidentally, is probably very good for you.

# When you think something is difficult, try doing something even more difficult. The first thing will then seem like a piece of cake. 🙂 Happened to me this week when I stayed up the whole night to figure out a monster report I had to do for the very first time. That trumped all the other reports which I used to dread in the past. 🙂

# Honest men will admit this to you before they turn their eyes on other women (they do it anyway, but sometimes it’s definitive). They like you to be pretty, relaxed, smiling, sexy and in a good mood. They don’t like to see you frown, work too hard or neglect yourself – whatever form this takes. Everything you do pretty much needs to seem effortless.

FYI men, a lot of the above is true for women too. 😉 Don’t slack!

FYI women – fake it ’til you make it!

# Don’t procrastinate – just do it!

Despre dragoste

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Dragostea este cand te trezesti dimineata simtind plecarea lui dintre asternuturi. Dragostea este cand el se intoarce intre asternuturi, te mangaie si te intreaba cate lingurite sa puna in cafeaua pe care o face doar pentru tine. Dragostea este cand el te enerveaza prin mici rautati, dar cand inchizi usa casei tu ai un zambet pe buze, pentru ca stii ca asa te incearca el. Dragostea este azi. Nu se stie daca va mai fi si maine; lucrurile se schimba mereu.

Dar orice-ar fi, voi pastra cu mine cateva momente de fericire absoluta pe care le-am trait in cei cativa ani de calatorie cu acest om.

Life’s back to normal

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beersGuess who’s back, back again? 😀

Elvin’s back and the whole world is in a better place. 🙂 With his jet lag and my exhaustion we went to bed at 21.30 last night. When I woke up this morning he made me fresh juice, we sat down for breakfast and even had time for snuggles and laughing. Yes, I’m definitely in a better space now. 🙂

And the conclusion of this hiatus  is that although I have 2 legs of my own Elvin is the driving force that puts me in motion and keeps me together. So I’m back to my ‘happy go lucky’ personality.


P.S. Elvi, could we please please please try going to bed earlier like last night? I have a feeling this is going to add years to my life (together with you). 😀

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