You are lucky, you know why?

January 27, 2015 § Leave a comment

This is what the man on the street told me today.

It was snowing and I was wearing my high heeled stilettos, balancing my purse, laptop bag and umbrella, watching my step, tears starting to form in my eyes, tights glued to my wet legs. But in a moment of serendipity, this stranger walking past me blurted out:

‘You are lucky, you know why?’

Then he disappeared in the falling snow and I didn’t look back.

I could look for 10000 reasons why I’m lucky, but I will not.

So here I am in this hotel room in Paris, an empty bottle of Coke on my nightstand, unfinished salad on the table and I’m thinking all I really want is for someone to get me. Sometimes I go to this weird place that feels infinitely sad. I call it the void and I’ve visited it quite a number of times. I could die every time I got there but surprisingly, I never do.

——————————————————————————————————————————————-What goes down must go up and so I’m climbing my way up again. Some lessons I’ve learned…

Nothing is forever and when it feels hard, don’t walk away. Find a way to stay with it. But don’t walk away.

Everything happens for a reason and the more absurd it feels, the more abundant the reason.

Pain is dense. Can you find a way to still fly with it.

Have patience until things turn around, because they will. And then they will again.

Maybe my lesson is to endure with presence and patience until pain becomes comfortable. Make friends with the uncomfortable, tame it like you would a wild animal.



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