A life worth living

January 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

This has been on my mind lately. Amidst interminable to-do lists, complications, angst and a whole lotta plans, I am asking myself what it takes to make your mark in life.
My career so far is not life-changing. I am not saving anyone’s life, nor I am making it much better. Life tends to be very transactional and operational – you put in effort, you get out results. You build your life brick by brick and sometimes the building is detonated and blown away in a second – an illness, losing a loved one, a painful break-up or a natural calamity.
But most of the time we live our lives as if each day is similar to the other.
Sometimes I stop and look at myself – all the debris in my life. Will this fight with my boyfriend matter 5 years from now? Will this nasty email I got make any difference in 10 years’ time?
Most of the time the answer is a big fat ‘no’.

I vividly remember certain events in my life. My dear friend Sabino, whom I have not seen in 10 years but who is very much on my mind. My friend Karin who took my heart, doctored it and gave it a new shine. I will never forget some moments of breakthrough. Help from my friends. My first kiss with the one who is now my… fiancé (yep, that is quite a story). My sister’s warmth and love and encouragement.

Maybe I will never have a huge impact on the world and do something life-changing.
But I know that I can warm hearts with my smile, be good to people and be the best at what I do.


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