December 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

Just thought I’d check in here quickly before I dash off to dinner with Elvin and his dad, who was visiting us.

I can safely say these weeks (months) have been an absolute marathon in terms of work and emotional roller-coaster. I’m doing my best to balance work and play… but sometimes stress is non-negotiable. 😉

A lot of flying has happened lately. I have pushed the record to travelling to 4 cities in one day: from Geneva – Frankfurt- Duesseldorf – Cologne via 2 planes and 1 taxi. And back. 🙂 I’ve also made an impromptu visit to Romania.. 😉

I love that the city is getting ready for the winter season with lots and lots of peppers…

And chocolate, for the Fete de l’Escalade

This week we put up the first Christmas tree in the Geneva office
christmas tree

On the food front, I have been doing quite well and managed to eat relatively healthy while on the road.
airport food

When I am in town I can focus on getting all nutrients (and taste!) onto one plate. Manor has been doing an amazing job of displaying an array of options in the salad bar. I’ve also been enjoying lots and lots of soups, which I always eat with Greek yogurt for an extra kick of taste and protein.
lunch 1


Until next time… 😉
street lights


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