The happiest girl in the world

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Because I’m loved by him. I had the happiest birthday ever – 10 years after the most embarrassing birthday ever. 🙂
A BIG thank you!



Truth AND Dare!

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Today is a special day.
I would like to talk about fears, complacency, letting go and authenticity.
But first, let’s eat some birthday cake, shall we?

If you ask people what their opinion is of me, their answers will revolve around several themes: enthusiastic and funny, dead serious, organization freak, nazi style, superficial, pretentious and arrogant, loving and passionate.
So apparently I am wearing lots of hats but am choosing to believe some things more than others.
I am very good at picking up the bad stuff that I hear about me, absorb it and believe it, then try to fight it and kill myself in the process.

But this is all fiction, you know. I am not the worst person in the world, just like I’m not a superstar. This is hard to believe, right? But I am actually somewhere in the middle; some days are better, others are less good.
I’m not a hero, but I try to act as one.
I’m not stupid or superficial, yet I’m trying to prove that (why?)
I make mistakes – so does everyone else.

So what’s so special about me? Well, maybe the fact that I take everything terribly seriously. If I have a bad day at work, it will haunt me for weeks or more.
If I’m not performing I beat myself up and feel horrible about myself.
If I’m not doing my job and taking care of my responsibilities daily, I feel terribly guilty.
I am very bad at saying ‘so what!’.

You’d think all this makes me an amazing employee, friend and lover. Not really. Setting high standards for yourself and being your toughest boss can pay off short term, but in the long run it is emotionally draining and a sure way to be very unhappy.

So, here are some guidelines meant to help this girl out:

# You can’t be everything to everyone all the time.
# If there is one person you must always be on good terms with, that is you.
# Take a break.
# Every day, you should cross off these 3 things: breathing deeply, doing something nice for yourself, doing something nice for someone else.
# Think constantly about what you want. How will you get there? Check in regularly with yourself.
# Get enough sleep (this is a big one). Eat well (even bigger). Move around.
# Don’t be afraid of opening your heart; it will be well received. Don’t be afraid in general.
# Everything passess. Good, bad – it all comes and goes. Stay in the moment but don’t hang on to it.

P.S. Confessing all this to a person I look up to and admire was SO liberating. And this is the beginning of a beautiful new chapter for me.

O harta a dorintelor

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Astazi am vorbit despre obsesia mea pentru planuri, liste, obiective.
Acum o sa incerc sa desenez o harta a dorintelor mele, care ma au in centru… pe mine (ce surpriza!):

# sa petrec o dupa-amiaza intreaga la salon – cosmetica, manichiura, tuns si coafat. sa ies de-acolo nou-nouta
# sa am o zi intreaga in care sa beau doar sucuri proaspat stoarse si sa mananc salate
# sport de 4 ori pe saptamana – urmaresc sa ma reintorc la yoga si squash si sa continui cu alergatul. probabil ca sedintele astea eu trebuie sa le pun in calendar, pentru ca altfel… nu se intampla
# sa imi gasesc ferestre de timp in care sa invat la germana si franceza, dar prin joc
# sa petrec mult, mult, mult timp in natura
# sa stau mai mult pe-acasa

La horoscopul meu scria ca nativii nascuti pe 25 septembrie vor avea parte de o surpriza de proportii zilele acestea – o surpriza placuta. Anul asta, ca niciodata, mi-ar placea sa primesc multa atentie de ziua mea, sa fiu inconjurata de lucruri frumoase si sa plutesc pe un norisor de bunastare. Ce-o fi cu mine…

L.E. Now let’s talk about your gorgeous new moon in Libra, 1 degree, September 24. This is your exciting annual birthday new moon, just made for answering a desire deep within your heart. As is the case only at birthday time, this new moon will open the door on any part of life you choose and bring you options. Of course, you need to know precisely what you want to happen next in life, so spend time thinking about that, and take action – even a small step – on September 23 or 24. In astrology, it is so important to take your first step on the right day – you are giving birth to your venture on the day you start. To help you, I have two questions: If you were to get the phone call or email of your life (one that would make you so excited and happy), what would the person say to you? Who would have sent it? The answers to those two questions will give you a clue of what you hope to happen next.

Now for the best news of all that I have saved for you for last! On September 25, Jupiter in Leo will receive a magnificent beam from Uranus. It’s been years since we had any aspect this exciting, as Uranus and Jupiter have to be in just the right spot in space to produce this beautiful aspect of hope, optimism, and fresh starts. It is powerful enough to bring on a breakthrough.

You might try to guess what might come to you; you won’t be able to conjecture. Uranus always works in a completely unexpected way, so you won’t see the news coming or even be able to predict the correct source ahead of time. This is what makes this aspect so very special – it’ll be a true surprise. If you were born on September 25, you will get a double dip of pleasure, for your entire birthday year will be rinsed in gold by this splendid aspect. I can tell you that a friend will play a major role in what happens, and that your partner in love or business will likely play a part too. Afterward, you will be touched by the kindness at least one person shows you on or near September 25, but that is all I can say. Open the window that day and see what flies in, dear Libra!

– from

Pierdut mojo, il declar nul!

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Atentie, urmeaza o postare sincera.

Cred cu adevarat ca ma iau prea in serios, de fapt ca iau intreaga viata prea in serios. Problema e ca nu imi cunosc nici o latura neserioasa, deci imi e greu sa accesez acea parte a personalitatii mele plina de ironie si misto-uri.
Eu nu alunec pe toboganul vietii, eu ma catar in patru labe, fac salturi sau merg de-a busilea, in orice caz, usor nu e.

Peste tot unde intorc capul am impresia ca am datorii – datorii fara numar la serviciu, caruia ma dedic trup si suflet, datorii acasa (incepand cu a fi prezenta, iubitoare si grijulie, terminand cu a face mancare si curatenie), datorii fata de viitorul meu, datorii fata de societate (aici sunt foarte in urma). Imi plac toate astea, dar faptul ca le-am inregimentat atat de puternic in mine ma apasa ingrozitor.
Ca sa le fac loc tuturor, m-am transformat intr-un planning junkie. Asta ma ajuta sa ma relaxez, dar pe de alta parte, orice deviere de la program ma da peste cap.
Daca intr-o zi nu am reusit sa bifez toate obiectivele, consider acea zi ratata sau ma duc la culcare nemultumita.
Daca nu am reusit sa invat pentru un examen, asa cum imi propusesem, imi fac zeci de reprosuri in minte.
Stiu sigur ca exista in mine un robinet de creativitate, dar am impresia ca l-am oprit de tot.
Candva dansam cu haosul, acum simt nevoia sa il tai in bucati si sa il organizez dupa marime si culoare.

Vreau sa fac pe toata lumea fericita. Ma simt vinovata cand asta nu se intampla.
De fapt, ma simt vinovata des – si cred ca asta e pur si simplu otravitor.
Vinovata ca am lasat lucruri neterminate la job sau ca am facut greseli, vinovata ca nu ma ocup de mine si de cei dragi asa cum ar trebui, si tot asa…
Sunt zambitoare, cuminte si draguta. Sunt o luptatoare, plina de entuziasm si energie. Pana cand nu mai sunt nimic din toate astea, pentru ca sunt goala pe dinauntru, anesteziata emotional de atata simtit si facut.

Trebuie sa descopar si alt mod de a fi, unul mai relaxat, jucaus, senin. Am uitat cum e sa ma prostesc. De fapt, am uitat sa fac prostii si urasc sa fac greseli. Gandul de a pierde o noapte facand cine stie ce (in afara de munca) e pur si simplu ridicol.
Si poate ca ar trebui sa ma obisnuiesc si cu posiblitatea ratarii unor obiective (spectrul ratarii fiind cel putin insuportabil pentru mine).
Faptul ca nu esti cel mai bun, cel mai frumos, cel mai rapid, cel mai talentat, cel mai realizat, cel mai inspirational… cel mai cel om de pe lume nu te anuleaza ca fiinta (bineinteles ca nu cred asta acum, in timp ce scriu).

Deci, cum sa ma transform eu din Ms. Serious in Ms. Oh-so-fun?!

Our week-end in pictures

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It started with a trip to the farm… Pumpkins and honey light

pumpkin 2

People were picking red peppers… kilos of red peppers and tomatoes.

I picked up some chanterelles, which turned into a nice cream soup.

… baked the pumpking and made roasted red pepper salad

The next morning I came across this beauty

The fact that corn is ready is a sign that autumn is upon us. Sometimes I really need to be outside, observe the movement of the wind or just be still.

Exercitii de respiratie

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Suntem la noi acasa. E dimineata devreme si casa miroase toata a portocale si scortisoara. In cosulete mici am aranjat mere, nuci si globuri. Oare copiii o sa-si infiga dintisorii in globuri, crezand ca-s mere? Aseara dupa ce am impodobit bradutul am terminat de copt si ultimele inimi de turta dulce. Inima mea e mare, mare si azi o imbrac intr-o ie stralucitoare.
E Craciunul si astept sa aud pasi mici lipaind pe scari. Copiii nostri dau buzna sub brad, omul meu si cu mine ne tinem de mana si ne topim, cand unul, cand altul. Din burtica un alt suflet inca nenascut falfaie din aripi, se bucura si el alaturi de fratele si surioara lui. Il asteptam in hora noastra anul viitor, in miezul verii.

Casa noastra e calda, avem paturi si perne sa construim corturi in care sa ne jucam. Afara a nins mult si greu si azi iesim sa facem un mare om de zapada in curtea noastra cu brazi. Si-apoi intram zgribuliti in casa si devoram sarmale, impachetate cu drag si coapte la foc mic, ore in sir. Si cozonac cu nuca multa, framantat strasnic de tati. 🙂
Bem ceai de portocale sau vin cu scortisoara si cuisoare si ascultam colinde. La usa noastra vor suna curand familiile noastre mai mari, o sa urce glasurile si rasetele noastre pana sus de tot.

Suntem niste globuri mari si perfect rotunde atarnate intr-un brad si-n jurul nostru e atata lumina.


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Azi, pofta de dovleac copt si struguri negri. Si pofta de niste manute in jurul gatului meu si o piele fina care miroase a lapte.
Da, stiu, sunt ciudata… 🙂

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