Summer snippets

July 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

# We’ve had an awfully rainy summer. On the other hand I’ve been so busy at work that splendid weather would’ve made me miserable … simply because I wouldn’t be able to get out and play as much as I would like
avion cu motor

# I am SO waiting for Christmas! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, sipping hot chocolate around the Christmas tree and generally just being relaxed and not rushing anywhere. But I would like a Christmas in my own home, around my own Christmas tree and where I am the host as opposed to the guest. I think this means I am growing up. 🙂

# Home-made salmon burgers are the best. Easy, healthy, convenient, freezer-friendly and perfect for lunch at work.

# This summer we made straweberry and peach jam. I guess we are really growing up. 🙂

# I am working on a big, life-changing project. No, it is not a screaming little human being…

# Another goal of mine this year is to work on my response to stressful situations. Normally I have a flight reaction but I am learning to fight it calmy and firmly and understand that most of the time things really are not as bad as they seem to be.
In that very moment when you feel cold sweat running down your back and breathing is difficult, it is incredibly helpful to ask yourself: ‘will this matter 6 months from now… and sometimes even 1 week from now?’

cale ferata

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