Summer lunch

July 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

This week I’ve had the luxury of planning my meals. I’ve been spending more time at home (which is always nice) and was even able to make a bean soup, my way. 🙂
I am also rethinking my lunches. While I like salad-sized meals, I’ve been trying to amp up the nutrients and get more protein in, according to my cravings.
Generally in my lunches I aim to have:

1. Volume and fiber – veggies do that; this also helps with satiety
2. Protein – fish, eggs, cheese or beans
3. Fat – avocado, hemp seeds, some nuts?

This week I pulled off a beautiful and tasty lunch. I had made lentil ricotta balls at the week-end and paired them with a spinach salad and sunny side up.
I also made a delicious yogurt based dressing: just mix yogurt with some mustard and perhaps a bit of garlic (if you don’t have any meetings afterwards, that is!) 
While this meal was balanced on the fiber – protein side, I think it somehow missed the fat. Some slices of avocado would have been perfect there.


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