Summer snippets

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# We’ve had an awfully rainy summer. On the other hand I’ve been so busy at work that splendid weather would’ve made me miserable … simply because I wouldn’t be able to get out and play as much as I would like
avion cu motor

# I am SO waiting for Christmas! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, sipping hot chocolate around the Christmas tree and generally just being relaxed and not rushing anywhere. But I would like a Christmas in my own home, around my own Christmas tree and where I am the host as opposed to the guest. I think this means I am growing up. 🙂

# Home-made salmon burgers are the best. Easy, healthy, convenient, freezer-friendly and perfect for lunch at work.

# This summer we made straweberry and peach jam. I guess we are really growing up. 🙂

# I am working on a big, life-changing project. No, it is not a screaming little human being…

# Another goal of mine this year is to work on my response to stressful situations. Normally I have a flight reaction but I am learning to fight it calmy and firmly and understand that most of the time things really are not as bad as they seem to be.
In that very moment when you feel cold sweat running down your back and breathing is difficult, it is incredibly helpful to ask yourself: ‘will this matter 6 months from now… and sometimes even 1 week from now?’

cale ferata

Summer lunch

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This week I’ve had the luxury of planning my meals. I’ve been spending more time at home (which is always nice) and was even able to make a bean soup, my way. 🙂
I am also rethinking my lunches. While I like salad-sized meals, I’ve been trying to amp up the nutrients and get more protein in, according to my cravings.
Generally in my lunches I aim to have:

1. Volume and fiber – veggies do that; this also helps with satiety
2. Protein – fish, eggs, cheese or beans
3. Fat – avocado, hemp seeds, some nuts?

This week I pulled off a beautiful and tasty lunch. I had made lentil ricotta balls at the week-end and paired them with a spinach salad and sunny side up.
I also made a delicious yogurt based dressing: just mix yogurt with some mustard and perhaps a bit of garlic (if you don’t have any meetings afterwards, that is!) 
While this meal was balanced on the fiber – protein side, I think it somehow missed the fat. Some slices of avocado would have been perfect there.


Spriţ de vară

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[pentru ca nu puteam sa las sa treaca zilele acestea fara o mica recapitulare…]

Vara se intampla ceva incredibil. Mi se pare ca lumea sta in loc, prinsa in vraja caldurii. E ora 21.00 si de afara se aud copii alergand pe iarba dupa o minge, adultii s-au adunat la un pahar de vin pe peluza din fata blocului. Cantecul pasarilor acopera totul. In dormitor se doarme dulce, ca dupa o portie zdravana de musaca; piciorul se intinde inconstient dupa un petic de cearceaf rece, visele aluneca la vale.

Bujori multi in casa, casa curata. Frigiderul doldora cu bunatati – salata de vinete, o jumatate de tava de musaca, muffins asortati, un rest de sangria de ieri.
muffins si sangria

Pe canapea am facut o baricada de perne. Sub perne…. dulceata de capsuni! Mai tarziu am pus-o la expozitie, langa flori. Mirosul de dulceata pe foc, neaparat la ceas de seara, nu se compara cu nimic altceva…

Am fost si la cirese, dar nu le-am putut culege direct din pom. Dar capsunele… ne-am umplut burtile cu ele si am cules suficient cat pentru 4 borcane de dulceata si o spuma.

la cirese

la cules de capsune


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Although we are smack in the middle of summer I am anticipating autumn with all my might. Something in me is craving crisp leaves, dim sunlight, pumpkins and the general feeling of cooling down.

I will always cherish the memories of this half of the year. It was action-packed, fun-filled and definitely not stress-free.
We made strawberry jam… and we loved it! Our first canning experience was a huge hit!

We organized birthday parties and cooked new foods. The recipe for the feta muffins above is a keeper!

We went on cruises….

… and saw beautiful trees…

summer plenty

rain and planes
It also rained a lot! July was a cold month in this part of Europe!

We went to gorgeous Italy…

And enjoyed drinks on secluded islands!


Aveam nevoie ca de aer…

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From where I stand

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There is almost no space to breathe and the heart succumbs under the weight of rain pouring incessantly. It’s been raining for two days now. It feels impossible to mitigate peace of mind. I’ve been nowhere but in my own head for what feels like forever. Inside, all directions seem possible, but which one is probable? Are we all walking souls or beasts without fur?
I feel really cold, my lips frowning in a smile.

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