The little things that make up the big things

June 17, 2014 § Leave a comment


As I said in a previous post I’m emerging from a few weird days. To top it all off, I am also home alone which is a bit of a stretch for me.

So I’m coping as best as I can….

I’m feeding myself well and trying out new stuff, like this amazingly soft and light ricotta cheese I got yesterday. I also came back home from the market with two charentais melons, which I absolutely adore.

I felt grateful yesterday for finishing work at a decent hour, which allowed me to go to the park and soak up the last rays of sunshine while sitting on the grass. I was turning page after page in my book when this guy suddenly approached me. He wasn’t scary at all and spoke quite softly. I did send him the message that I was not interested and he walked away, but not before complimenting me. A few minutes after, he came back and asked if I had changed my mind. :))

I spent the rest of the evening browsing the internet and chilling before I dozed off in one of the most restful sleeps ever. I woke up feeling refreshed and positive, ready to take on the world.

So today I’m grateful to be having a family, to be living in a city by the lake, for the amazing views of the mountains. for comfort, for challenges, for health.


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