The plan for the next 60-70 years

April 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

…. Is to live in a nice house in the woods, near the mountains and with a river flowing gently in our back yard, but close enough to a city with all of the urban conveniences. The plan is to have a healthy, fit and happy adulthood and old age, without worries for money and our children. We would have worked hard enough to fully pay for all of our possessions and support our children (but only up to a point, I must add). There will be a nice business which generates a steady stream of income, but most importantly, this business would keep both my husband and me business savvy and alert – which is very important when your mental faculties are slowly but surely drifting apart.:)

For myself, I dream to be as healthy as possible, go for hikes in the mountains and daily long walks and pick wild berries. There would be time to read and work on my books :), meet with my business partners and even plan to grow and extend the said business. Evenings would be spent entertaining friends around the cozy fireplace or in the garden kiosque around a glass of wine.
And yes, we’d have some hens providing us with fresh eggs every day and a considerable garden yielding delicious veggies. I cook amazing food… the past 30 years of practice have taken me to that level. 🙂

On some week-ends and for holidays the house is filled with our big family, kids and grand-kids. We all sit around the big wooden table and enjoy heart-warming dishes, then spend time on the cozy sofas and watch the grand-kids play. Some of us even take naps – we have guest rooms with beautiful decorations and comfy pillows smelling of lavender. Christmas is the best as my husband and I make a big pot of stuffed cabbage rolls and the traditional cozonac – he’s become a specialist at it over the years. 🙂

We’d travel the world together, go see the penguins :), fly in a balloon, go on a cruise and just be happy together experimenting everything.

I’d go on shopping sprees every now and again… it’s a joy to be old and be able to afford high-quality, elegant pieces of fashion. When I visit the city I take the opportunity to go for a cosmetic treatment and visit the hairdresser. Such a spoilt creature! 🙂

At night I watch the star-studded sky and shoot wishes at the moon. Life is simple, beautiful and happy. And then I go cuddle under my white linen duvet and have a deep, worry-free sleep. My husband is snoring in the background by now… 🙂

Why write all of this here, you may wonder? I think it’s very important to visualize how you want your life to be, so you make sure your steps take you there.. After all, dreams really do come true!


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