Work hard, play hard

April 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

My mind is racing again this morning. Between ending the financial year and the mad race that goes with it, conf calls and a gazillion emails to respond to, I am struck by a wave of wanderlust. Yes, I’m only back for one day and already thinking about packing my stuff again.
But don’t be fooled… I’m a cougar of all trades, and my life is about ironing clothes and house cleaning just as much as it is about business travelling and strategy plans.

I’m also thinking about:
# What cake to make my boyfriend for his birthday in a few weeks. Actually, I’m rehearsing and perfecting a recipe I already know… In my head, like a martial arts fighter 🙂
# When exactly to make all those important appointments I’ve been postponing for weeks
# What to cook these days – read dumpling soup and hearty colouful salads… and I recollect that a-ma-zing Greek salad I had in Salzburg… one of the best in my life
# Some secret plans
# A recap of my travels these days. I am seeing and experimenting an awful lot of things but I don’t get to write about it too often
# Missing skiing. And running and hiking.


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