Zurich- bound (2)

February 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

It so happens that on my way to and from Zurich I get the best ideas. I absolutely love travelling by train, because it allows peace and quietness so I can actually think, plan, clarify and visualize.
For the past 25 minutes I’ve been obssessively listening to a single track: Madness, by Muse, which does something quite extraordinary to me. It stirs all these emotions in me, and when the song reaches the crescendo, all that overload gets released and a huge wave of endorphins washes over me, as if my heart is cracking open.Quite a song!


But let me come back to a recurrent dream I have, which I am committing for the world to fulfill.
I would like to run a business – in this visualization, the business is a chic and successful bistro. The walls are painted in white, with eccentric lamps hanging from the ceiling. A script is hand written on an entire wall – a beautiful story which everyone stops to read. There are beautiful vases filled with white tulips, lilac, daffodils. Tables are made of massive wood and chairs are super comfy and hand painted. But the cool thing is you can sit on the floor if you wish, there are lots of beautiful pillows and throws. The best coffee from all over the world is served here. This bistro is an ode to coffee and other amazing liquids – like tea, freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juice, kombucha and socata. We serve anything from gourmet salads to quiches, casseroles, soups,hundreds of pies, and porridge and macinici in the morning. You can choose from traditional Romanian dishes and international cuisine. One day a week we ‘open’ the kitchen and let you order any kind of meal you want us to prepare from the ingredients we have on hand. Once a week we play with you… but we entertain you daily! We bake our own bread daily and we source the eggs, cheese and fish from organic, reliable and sustainable sources. In our house you will feel like at your grandparent’s place: safe and spoiled; everything is possible and nothing is off limits. We even have a ‘booth’ where a few times a week someone is available to listen to your biggest problems, fears and pains and propel you forward. My husband and I are running this business, but our kids are running around the whole day. A common scene is that in which I’m entertaining a faithful client, my toddler is crawling on the floor… to everyone’s delight.
What’s really cool is that we offer you the possibility to choose the tunes you want us to play, so the music you will listen to will be pretty eclectic. As the day progresses and the night is settling in, we light beautiful candles and invite the dusk in our house. We start serving soothing foods that will please your palate and leave you full but not stuffed. Some clients walk in our bistro simply to pick up the food they ordered in the morning. Surprise, we’ve included a beautiful book in their bag… they will see it only when they get home! That’s right, we like to make random gifts…

– to be continued –


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