Overwhelmed much?

February 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

A colleague has problems with her boyfriend and I get to hear all about it. We don’t seem to be making any progress with our new project, which worries me. I’m aware of colleagues at other desks complaining about their computers, timesheets or expenses in a REALLY LOUD VOICE. I worry about the important email which I dread sending. I’ve put off calling my mother and sister for days now – simply because I don’t find the time or the disposition. I haven’t called my grandparents in a long time too, and that makes me feel guilty. I need to plan holidays (I need that!!!) but don’t seem to be making any decisions of where to go and when. I’m aware of the fact that I’m not moving much because of my leg, which is still sensitive (but I miss running so badly!). My neck is stiff from sitting in front of the computer for too long. I’ve not finished half of the REALLY URGENT stuff that needed to get done today. I’m afraid I’m disappointing my team – and myself. I’m making plans about how I am going to be productive and still have some time for myself at the end of the day to actually step back and THINK, but that is not happening.
I’ve got so many conflicting trips planned for the next few months it’s driving me crazy. When I look at my inbox booming with to do’s, unread emails, don’t’s, I want to run away, simply because I have no idea where to start. My eyes hurt and I want to lie on the floor (I’m still in the office though).
To say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement.
I’m not complaining, I just need a game plan and a new brain, because mine is clearly malfunctioning.


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