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Imi promit solemn sa imi onorez trupul si mintea cu ce merita ele mai bun si sa scap de balastul si toxinele cu care le-am intoxicat.
Sambata ma duc negresit la masaj si manichiura – corpul meu tintuit pe scaun ore in sir, in fiecare zi, tipa dupa o zgaltaiala buna. Simt nevoia sa mananc multe fructe proaspete, sa beau sucuri de fructe si legume, supe onctuoase, sa dorm si sa ma plimb, si sa nu ma gandesc la nimic.
Imi promit sa merg la culcare mai devreme, si sa nu imi mai fac tot felul de griji si reprosuri.
Deci, poftesc la: salata de mango, papaya si seminte de rodie, cu un strop de rom adevarat.
Supa de rosii cu busuioc si un bob de smantana.
Aer rece, vant in plete, ochii dand la o parte felii de cer.

Zurich- bound (2)

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It so happens that on my way to and from Zurich I get the best ideas. I absolutely love travelling by train, because it allows peace and quietness so I can actually think, plan, clarify and visualize.
For the past 25 minutes I’ve been obssessively listening to a single track: Madness, by Muse, which does something quite extraordinary to me. It stirs all these emotions in me, and when the song reaches the crescendo, all that overload gets released and a huge wave of endorphins washes over me, as if my heart is cracking open.Quite a song!


But let me come back to a recurrent dream I have, which I am committing for the world to fulfill.
I would like to run a business – in this visualization, the business is a chic and successful bistro. The walls are painted in white, with eccentric lamps hanging from the ceiling. A script is hand written on an entire wall – a beautiful story which everyone stops to read. There are beautiful vases filled with white tulips, lilac, daffodils. Tables are made of massive wood and chairs are super comfy and hand painted. But the cool thing is you can sit on the floor if you wish, there are lots of beautiful pillows and throws. The best coffee from all over the world is served here. This bistro is an ode to coffee and other amazing liquids – like tea, freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juice, kombucha and socata. We serve anything from gourmet salads to quiches, casseroles, soups,hundreds of pies, and porridge and macinici in the morning. You can choose from traditional Romanian dishes and international cuisine. One day a week we ‘open’ the kitchen and let you order any kind of meal you want us to prepare from the ingredients we have on hand. Once a week we play with you… but we entertain you daily! We bake our own bread daily and we source the eggs, cheese and fish from organic, reliable and sustainable sources. In our house you will feel like at your grandparent’s place: safe and spoiled; everything is possible and nothing is off limits. We even have a ‘booth’ where a few times a week someone is available to listen to your biggest problems, fears and pains and propel you forward. My husband and I are running this business, but our kids are running around the whole day. A common scene is that in which I’m entertaining a faithful client, my toddler is crawling on the floor… to everyone’s delight.
What’s really cool is that we offer you the possibility to choose the tunes you want us to play, so the music you will listen to will be pretty eclectic. As the day progresses and the night is settling in, we light beautiful candles and invite the dusk in our house. We start serving soothing foods that will please your palate and leave you full but not stuffed. Some clients walk in our bistro simply to pick up the food they ordered in the morning. Surprise, we’ve included a beautiful book in their bag… they will see it only when they get home! That’s right, we like to make random gifts…

– to be continued –


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Scriu aici, ca sa nu pierd starea.
Astazi este una dintre acele zile cand probabil as face-o mandra pe mama (si geloase pe toate celelalte reprezentante ale sexului frumos): am chef sa fiu de toate, sa fac de toate. In primul rand, m-am trezit cu o energie incredibila si mi-a aparut un zambet maaaare pe fata la vederea biletelului lasat pe usa de Elvin. 🙂
Am chef sa fac curat, sa pregatesc o surpriza in bucatarie (daca imi reuseste proiectul, ma voi auto-incorona drept regina bunatatilor), sa ma fac cocheta si sa ma aranjez pana cand imi vine sa ma pup in oglinda, sa ma plimb prin magazine cu un aer usor dezinteresat dar scanand totul, si sa mai si pregatesc un proiect la serviciu (cred ca la partea asta sefa mea si-ar freca mainile de bucurie). Bineinteles ca nu mentionez toate activitatile de auto-ingrijire menite sa imi faca pielea fina si ochii stralucitori. Toate astea pentru ca maine sa ne consumam energia alergand prin zapada pe munti (ADOR sa ma misc!).

De ce simt nevoia sa surprind starea asta aici? Pentru ca nu se intampla prea des. Uneori zilele mele ma storc de energie asa incat ajung sa ma simt ca o rufa scoasa din masina de spalat. Si nu vreau! Vreau sa am mintea limpede, ochii zambitori fara cearcane si riduri, sarcinile duse la bun sfarsit, iubitul iubit, casa curata si flori pe masa, plus mintea avida de a citi si a sti. Cam plictisitoare o femeie din asta, nu? Mai-mult-ca-perfecta, as zice. DAR! Imi rasuna in minte ceva ce mi-a spus bunica mea: ‘Sa nu te lasi!’. Cred ca asta insumeaza totul – sa nu te lasi sa fii neingrijita si sa arati ca o zaluda, sa nu iti lasi casa si masa in dezordine, sa nu faci harcea-parcea la serviciu, sa nu iti neglijezi familia. Sa te straduiesti sa le faci bine pe toate… pentru ca binele atrage bine.
Asa ca ieri m-am bucurat in sinea mea vazand ca: mi se dezleaga limba vorbind germana, imi zbarnaie mintea la serviciu, imi fug ochii prin vitrine imaginandu-ma defiland cu anumite tinute, mintea mea compileaza trasee si destinatii de vacanta, planuri pentru casa si pentru noi, ganduri nastrusnice despre niste nazbatii pe care vreau sa le fac in viitorul apropiat. 🙂

Azi e una din zilele acelea cand simt ca pot sa fiu orice, sa fac orice – si totusi sa fiu eu. 🙂

2 Ingredient 15 Minutes Healthy Cookies

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Spoiler alert! I have an amazing recipe for you all!
While my house was getting filled with the smell of these beauties baking, I could not wait to share the ‘recipe’ in this corner of the Internet. 🙂

I present you… fool-proof Banana Oat Cookies. This is not a ‘new’ recipe, but I find it really strange that it’s not HUGELY popular in the virtual world. Guys, this is the best thing since sliced bread and I urge you to try it!!
OK I think I let you hang in there a little too much… 🙂


– 200g rolled oats – I used standard ones
– 2 very ripe bananas (the ripe part is super important; your bananas should have brown spots on the skin!)

The HOW:
– simply grind the oats in a food processor or grinder (I used one that my parents gave me as a present and while I love how it looks, I hate the noise it makes, but that’s just my peeve). You don’t have to grind the oats completely, I for one like my cookies a bit chewy
– in a bowl, mash the bananas, then fold the oats in the banana mash
– form little cookies and line them up on a parchment sheet
– bake at 170°C for 15 minutes

– if these babies are not enough for you, you could always coat them in dark chocolate: melt a few squares of dark chocolate, drop the cookies in and scoop them out real quick, then sprinkle some coconut flakes on top too?
– to make thumbprint cookies: shape your cookie ball, then press it in the middle to get a little hole, fill with your favourite jam and pop them in the oven
– add peanut butter. Or hazelnut butter or almond butter – any type of nut butter, really
– mix in chia seeds – this will make the cookies even crunchier, not to mention healthier
– add a bit of vanilla flavor or rhum (I LOVE rhum!)
– serve them atop ricotta cheese. In fact I’m thinking of making a version of cheesecake that has this oat-banana combo as the ‘dough’… hmmm…
– pour it out into a baking tray like you would a brownie mix. Once baked portion them up in squares

– for obvious reasons: fibre, fibre, fibre. And you know exactly what went in them
– they’re sweet (but not too much) and can tame a sweet tooth
– they are super portable – perfect for travelling, picnics etc.
– paired with yogurt or almond milk, they would make a perfect breakfast
– they allow for endless variations – like I said, you could add different nut butters, raisins, dark chocolate chips, coconut flakes etc.
– no one will know how easy it was to make them – or the fact that you had to wash up exactly one bowl. But they will be impressed!
– these cookies are chewy, yet soft on the inside and you can taste the nut butter. Mmmhhhhmm!

These guys are definitely going to be served in our bistro! What do you mean which bistro?! The one we’ll be opening soon, chock full of healthy and delicious treats, with the best music, comfiest chairs and sofas, beautiful and wild garden where you’ll want to be spending half of an eternity.
But that is a dream to be told in another one of these posts! 😉


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I feel charming. I feel like I’ve swallowed a thousand balloons and they’re taking me up high. I feel like there’s a whole world of possibilities inside of me – I am a great professional who just so happens to get it and navigate difficult situations diligently. I feel like I’m a good sister and daughter because I have some great plans for my family which I think will make them happy. I feel like I’m a great girlfriend because I have all these thoughts about how to surprise my boyfriend and bring a smile on his face. 🙂 I think I’m a good friend – simply because I love my friends.
But, most of all, today I am happy because of myself. I woke up this morning with the distinct feeling that I am living my dream – I am exactly where I dreamed and planned to be; I am doing what I have to do and whatever happens to me is because… it’s supposed to.
Understanding the ‘intelligence’ and intentionality behind everything is what keeps me afloat when the going gets tough. To accept, to lean in, to embrace, to let go, to not fight, to welcome – this is what my life is about these days. And I’m thankful (albeit repetitive).

‘Twas a good day

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And I have a big smile on my face. 🙂

Overwhelmed much?

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A colleague has problems with her boyfriend and I get to hear all about it. We don’t seem to be making any progress with our new project, which worries me. I’m aware of colleagues at other desks complaining about their computers, timesheets or expenses in a REALLY LOUD VOICE. I worry about the important email which I dread sending. I’ve put off calling my mother and sister for days now – simply because I don’t find the time or the disposition. I haven’t called my grandparents in a long time too, and that makes me feel guilty. I need to plan holidays (I need that!!!) but don’t seem to be making any decisions of where to go and when. I’m aware of the fact that I’m not moving much because of my leg, which is still sensitive (but I miss running so badly!). My neck is stiff from sitting in front of the computer for too long. I’ve not finished half of the REALLY URGENT stuff that needed to get done today. I’m afraid I’m disappointing my team – and myself. I’m making plans about how I am going to be productive and still have some time for myself at the end of the day to actually step back and THINK, but that is not happening.
I’ve got so many conflicting trips planned for the next few months it’s driving me crazy. When I look at my inbox booming with to do’s, unread emails, don’t’s, I want to run away, simply because I have no idea where to start. My eyes hurt and I want to lie on the floor (I’m still in the office though).
To say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement.
I’m not complaining, I just need a game plan and a new brain, because mine is clearly malfunctioning.

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