It’s all coming back to me now

January 16, 2014 § Leave a comment


I used to think that these two hands of mine are only good for writing, typing and cooking. I don’t have any other artistic skills like knitting, ceramics etc. But in a recent conversation it became apparent that creating something palpable with my hands will be mission-critical for me this year. So I said to myself that I will go full blast on cooking, but you know, food is so transient and I wanted something that would ‘pass the test of time’ (OK, that’s a bit pretentious but you know what I mean).

Well, the proof is in the pudding… or rather, in the knitting! When you need something, it will come to you in one form or another and you should embrace it. So two nights ago our office went to a beautiful knitting shop where we sat around tables, enjoyed tapas and prosecco and knitted away using the materials provided by the shop. When I heard that the ‘ knit & klatsch’ was not just a metaphor but we were actually expected to produce a scarf or headband, I freaked out a little.

See I always thought I’ve got two left hands and knitting or sewing or crochetting is impossible for me. I remember my mom watching in horror as I was trying to get the knitting right in primary school. I was so tense and wanted so much to get it but I never did and soon I gave up. But this night was different – the guy who was working at the knitting shop was actually patient enough to stand by my side and show me over and over and over again how to do it without getting even close to edgy. So I loosened up and soon got into a groove and let myself go with the flow, allowed myself to make mistakes and not freak out. I enjoyed it so much that when they said knitting is over and we were gonna go to another place to get drinks I did not want to give it up. So guess what, the shop offered us the wool and the needels as a gift to take home…

And while I think I will never become this super-talented knitter who can create intricate patterns and produce sweaters and scarves, it was a good feeling to see I CAN DO IT – and UNDO IT! And a great opportunity to show myself that some things I believe about myself (all bad, by the way) are simply not true!

This simple event, almost serendipituous, brought me back to that happy place where I think everything and anything is possible, where I trust the process instead of opposing it and think it will all turn out well in the end.

And most importantly, the biggest lesson is: when you need something, it WILL come to you so you’d better lean in and embrace it!


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