Zurich – bound (1)

January 12, 2014 § 2 Comments

I’m on the train to Zurich, ramping up on projects and taking time to set intentions for the coming week. And feeling sick because of a banana – I took this banana with me in case I got hungry. Minutes after eating it I started feeling really sick, as if I had eaten the banana on an empty stomach and it was doing weird stuff in my stomach. For a while I contemplated going to the toilet to ‘get it over with’ but instead sipped some water that I had brought along, which made it all worse. And then I started breathing and focused really hard on thinking about something else rather than the damn banana and what it was doing to me. I feel fine now.

But the reason I’m writing all this is because I felt somewhat lonely and weird on this train. Travelling sometimes triggers anxiety in me and leaving the cozy and comfortable nest at home is not always easy, especially when you are expecting challenges. I took time to think about my mom, think about my boyfriend and declutter my thoughts.

A few minutes ago I read this really great article on Zen Habits, which basically says it’s OK to screw up and feel like crap sometimes. For someone like me who hates making mistakes and fears disappointing others and herself, this is an amazing read, one I plan to print and glue to my notebook. This spoke more to me than any of Leo’s blogs. This too shall pass.



§ 2 Responses to Zurich – bound (1)

  • bobi says:

    Eu pot sa te asigur ca nu a fost o zi pierduta cel putin pentru mine insa bineinteles datorita tie: am mancat cea mai buna supita in seara asta si asta a contribut semnificativ la seara mea relaxata de duminica.
    Asa ca partea cu fear si disappointing others poti sa o lasi pe alta data.

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