When the Gospel speaks to me

October 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m just back from a 7 hour train ride. I’ve unpacked, showered, and currently trying to smooth out my thoughts before I say hello to sleep. These days have been SUCH a whirlwind – intelectually and emotionally. A big part of my job is about plunging right into a pool of human-ness, with all its beauty and dirt. OK, so in other words what I’m trying to say is: I’m seeing the best and the worst of them; people who make my heart sing and who create natural followership, who are cleaned up inside, and people who amaze me with their lopsidedness and moral vice. These moments stay with me, they get stamped in my brain and my heart. Sometimes, in the heat of conversations, the energy is so high that it takes my breath away and I can feel how it’s all making its way into me. I’m an absorber.

I am SO grateful for what I am living right now – good and bad; I can see so many great things coming my way and, most importantly, I think I’ve got what it takes to overcome the hardships and carve my way forward no matter what.

And, to top it all up, I had such a beautiful encounter tonight: the taxi driver who gave me a ride from the Zuerich train station to the hotel was listening to this ‘foreign-sounding’ music. I said it sounds beautiful, positive and melodious and asked where it’s from. He turned to me and smiled with his perfect string of pearly teeth and said it was from Ghana. It was the Gospel and it said that ‘Whatever I want, I shall tell God and he will help me fulfill it’.
Indeed… this is what my heart sings too.


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