Ce face alergarea din om/ What running does to you

October 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Asta e cu dedicatie speciala pentru mama, care e ingrijorata ca-mi petrec prea mult timp in bucatarie gatind, gustand ce gatesc…
Si daca papila mea gustativa a ajuns pe culmile extazului saptamana asta, pupila mea s-a dilatat infinit la vederea muntilor care mi se astern la poale (da, ati inteles bine, ma simteam eu mai inalta decat numitii Alpi).
Azi-dimineata am infruntat geruletul si mi-am facut tura de alergare. Niste idei nastrusnice mi-au trecut prin minte: cum ar fi sa imi cumpar o coarda (pe care sa o sar, da), cum ar fi sa folosesc bancutele si mesele de picnic pentru exercitii cardio, despre cum ar fi sa particip eu la un duatlon, maraton, triatlon (cred ca voi incepe cu 12 kilometri, totusi). Despre cum sunt, fac si pot – de toate.
As vrea sa nu uit senzatia asta niciodata, senzatia de-mi locui corpul, de a fi la unison cu el, de a lupta impreuna cu el. Corpul meu care ma sustine clipa de clipa, care e mereu de veghe, care ma suporta, care are forte de regenerare nebanuite, dar care nu uita nimic…
As vrea sa imprim aceasta senzatie celulelor mele: dopamina, adrenalina, endorfina curgand repede prin vene.
Adica acelasi cocktail de hormoni si neurotransmitatori care ma imbata de fiecare data cand ascult melodia asta:

I never liked translating stuff mot-a-mot, so here goes, an approximate rendition of my running experience.
Running makes me feel absolutely great and I’m not fooling myself: it’s all due to the hormonal cocktail. I’ve come to realise I love running in the morning, as it gives me a huge boost to face the day’s challenges. Running in the morning goes in hand with waking up early, which is one thing I’ve never been good at. But I’m improving and I can report huge success on that front!
I consider myself extremely lucky for running facing the Jura mountains or the Alps; watching the seamless movement of the clouds on the sky gives me strength, and the hills… well, they feel easier to mount with each run.
I feel inspired to do all sorts of things when I run, like signing up for a marathon, duathlon or even triathlon – but I think I’ll start with a mere 12k. 😉
I’ve got a whole list of tracks that pump me and get me up and running.
And some tunes by Depeche Mode just DO IT for me, like this one…


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