I know for a fact…

August 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI know for a fact that we will have our house in the mountains. Built out of wood and stone, standing firmly atop of a hill, covered by sunny skies. There will be 3 bedrooms and a guest room, a large living room, a lovely kitchen and an office in the attic. There will be a playroom for the kids, with trampolines and puzzles and kids’ books. When I come home from work I love spending time nestled in a cushion in the attic, relaxing with a book and pulling myself together to face the kids and the Husband. 🙂 That is my moment of solitude and silence and I utterly need it after a long day’s work.

We have a huge garden with magnolias, lilacs, cherry trees and jasmine bushes. Little Buddha built a tree house for the kids where they like to entertain themselves. And us, adults, we like to spend time together and debrief the day in the kioskue. That’s also where we invite our friends for lovely dinners when I can prove what a domestic goddess I can be.
When it’s hot we jump straight into the pool or dunk our feet in the river that passes behind our house.
This river is a blessing as we can easily water the big vegetable garden where we grow everything from tomatoes, potatoes, garlic and onions to zucchini, carrots, salad and parsley. I love getting my hands dirty taking care of our beautiful garden and then making a quiche that I know the kids and Little Buddha will love.

We have blocked time for when everyone studies or reads or works. While our little boy may be practising the piano in the living room, my man and I are concocting business plans in the attic. I sit on the floor nestled between books and papers, a cup of coffee and a pitcher of lemonade to the side.Little Buddha, as usual, sits up straight by the massive wooden desk and vividly explains how he sees things for us 10 years from now. This kind of conversation takes anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours and then each of us goes back to our own business.

-to be continued-

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