Sunshine Reggae

August 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

These pasy few days I could feel autumn silently walking in the city. But today’s hot, really hot and I’m making plans for our upcoming holiday. Which is going to be here

Having dropped my parents at the airport this morning, I have a clear to-do list: get a Basque Country travel guide, paint my nails, leave the house spotless clean, do some last minute shopping. In fact something is me is frolicking… maybe the thought of 10 days by the Ocean, or hiking in the Pyrenees, packing my brains in one bag and dropping it for the waves to wash it away…

August will be my last month of ‘idleness’. Starting September, I pretty much have my calendar booked until mid-2014.  But, let’s not anticipate… There are mountains to climb, books to read, kissess to give and prayers to say…today. I’m having a great week (because Little Buddha made me laugh first thing this morning) and I hope you too.

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