I don’t dislike art. I just don’t like artists

August 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

‘Performances’ like this make me cringe with horror.

Today I read quite a bit about this woman and it.is.such.a.waste.of.time. It’s not necessarily the experiments that bother me, it’s the illusion of being an Artist with a capital A. I watched an interview with Marina: she was saying that in order to make art, you need a dedicated space, a context. Well, that sounded SO boring and artificial to me. And to think she is getting so many accolades, that the whole world is turning to her with admiration… this looks to me like sheer stupidity.

And maybe I don’t understand art… but what do you need in order to be entitled to be an art critic? Is it the many art theory books you read? The countless visits to museums, shows, exibitions, happenings, performances? I don’t think so. I run away like crazy from artificially-invented spaces and from people who pretend to be artists or who pretend to understand art. I run away from fake and from self-invented gods.

There is really so much beauty, pain, emotion in millions of scenes that happen every single day around the world and we don’t call that art. But when we slice life and plant it in a ‘lab’ only to morph it into a ‘piece of art’ – THAT is non sense and it utterly lacks value.

Marina Abramovic – The Artist is Present. I’m just wondering if she would be present at all, in all her honesty, if cameras wouldn’t follow her everywhere, if other eyes wouldn’t be watching, if she wouldn’t expressly offer her body to everyone, if her life and love and everything wouldn’t be documented at all?…
If this is art, I guess I ain’t buyin’ a ticket.

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